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Aligning your strategy, process and outcomes is key to developing and sustaining organizational momentum.

The 3SIXTY team have over 200 years of business leadership development training experience within front-line, regional, corporate and global business leadership positions. Learn how 3SIXTY solutions helps clients create a meaningful impact that accelerates growth, streamlines process and allows you to track results.

Talk To An Expert

3SIXTY is an assertive approach to execution & accountability

We add immediate value as trusted advisers through our Balanced Leadership™ Model and our effective 30-60-90 consulting process where engagement is based around your unique needs:


30 days to complete situation assessment, prioritize core issues and map alternatives.


60 days to establish and begin initiating recommendations among your team, including business leadership training, process alignment, metrics and reporting, supported with a well-developed communications strategy.


Results are measured over 90 days to track impacts, bottlenecks and process improvement requirements to achieve planned ROI.

What we do

Our clients include global leaders within service, manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics business segments. We bring our deep experience in these areas to every engagement, and we ensure that when we leave, our clients are equipped with the tools, capabilities and business leadership training they need to continue to improve and grow.

Accelerating Growth

Quickly assess your business challenge and develop balanced solutions and business team training for rapid results. Tap into our team of Marketing, Communications, Human Resources, Engineering and Intellectual Property experts for transformative strategies that drive market leadership and engagement.

Are you lacking a strategy or is your strategy missing the mark?

Intuitively you know a well-defined employee and customer engagement strategy drives cultural growth and keeps sales aligned, but your team may be too entrenched to develop an effective plan.

  • Focus on the right growth. 3SIXTY excels at boosting organic growth through sales and marketing best practices. Let our business leadership experts help you identify customer diversification tactics through a clear understanding of your product mix/service portfolio. We cap that off by refining your brand position and value proposition and help you create sales and brand ambassadors who think like a customer, selling the right mix to exceed your revenue goals.
  • Be the best team in the industry. Let us support your team through communications and business leadership development training to create brand ambassadors while instilling an uncompromising culture of integrity, honesty, respect and service through leadership vision. We also give you tools to navigate through any significant change.
  • Get the return on invested capital you need. Our team helps you identify which assets to leverage and when by optimizing your supply chain management and your intellectual property. Often overlooked, we help you to understand your risk profile and integrate allocated safety costs into Finance and Operations discussions.

Streamlining Process

If your LEAN or SMART approach is lacking, our top-tier Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain and Logistics experts design tailored solutions to optimize productivity.

Need help optimizing your operations and supply chain partners?

New complexities of manufacturing along with consumer demand have pushed the limits of operational excellence previously driven by Lean Sigma. In response, a new Smart Operations approach is emerging to quickly supercharge industrial manufacturing value chains. To survive and optimally thrive, manufacturers will need to rapidly shift strategies and technologies to keep up pace, productivity and profitability.

  • Reach new levels of Operational Excellence. 3SIXTY experts from UPS, the world’s leader in supply chain, logistics, transportation and distribution know that reaching Smart Operational Excellence requires a sustained and deliberate effort over several years to operate more efficiently, service customers better and manage risk. It’s now time to take action. Let us develop a strategy to set priorities for connecting products in the field with assets in the value chain, identify strategic suppliers, and help you better work with your logistics provider.

Tracking Results

You only achieve what is measured. This is precisely why we analyze your reports and align our plans with effective measures that provide the insight to achieve results.

Are you ready for results tracking?

  • Is your business plan supporting growth and securing funding? Most business plans end up in “File G” for garbage bin. 3SIXTY’s focus on results tracking ensures your business plan is worth it’s weight in gold by aligning it with your goals and balancing it with the realities of your business. 3SIXTY’s Balanced Leadership approach takes a holistic view so that all constituents are represented and the Business Plan drives results that support customers, your people and stakeholders.
  • Are your work measurement standards, metrics and/or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) actually increasing performance? With a well aligned Business Plan setting the targets, the right performance measurements focus and motivate your team on the best ways to meet service performance goals, meet customer and employee satisfaction levels, share in safety values and contribute to the creation of strategic projects.
  • Are your customer acquisition activities wasting money on the wrong channels, going toe-to-toe with the big guys and easily being outspent or bringing poor leads that result in high churn rates? 3SIXTY results tracking helps you find what is working and what’s not. Beyond channel development, 3SIXTY helps you with strategic approaches including setting up the correct guarantees or warranties, forming go-to-market partnerships and establishing the right contractual language that will have vendors and partners consistently delivering on promises to your customers.

Your Team at 3SIXTY

Seek out the best, brightest and most experienced business leadership team to help your business excel in today’s competitive marketplace. Our advisors, consultants and leadership development trainers are true experts in their field – career leaders with practical experience and business results. Together, through the Balanced Leadership ModelTM created by Senior Partner Rocky Romanella, we bring passion, process, and expertise to help your business quickly achieve results.

Rocky Romanella

Senior Partner at 3SIXTY

Rocky is an experienced executive, CEO and Director, keynote speaker, trainer and adviser is founder and principal of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC. He most recently served as Chief Executive Officer and Director for UniTek Global Services, a mid-cap telecommunications solutions company, after retiring from a 36-year career with UPS, the largest shipment and logistics company in the world.

Ed Pyke

3SIXTY Marketing & Strategy

Ed excels in developing marketing strategies for 3SIXTY clients to support sustainable business growth and to ensure brand equity and awareness. Ed’s extensive experience draws upon not only Marketing and Retail Product Development, but Operations and Sales experience as well. Ed has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from California State University and his Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Saint Mary’s College.

Chris Micolucci

3SIXTY Strategic Communications

Chris brings more than 20 years of Corporate Communications experience to our team. She believes each organization has a unique culture, brand, products and services and digs deep to identify and skillfully promote these attributes to constituents to drive growth and productivity, employee retention and customer loyalty.

Mark Horton

3SIXTY Finance & Intellectual Property

Mark’s unique expertise drives growth – from bottom-line Finance to Business Planning, Intellectual Property (IP) management, mergers and acquisitions. A UPS retiree, Mark was instrumental in the formation of UPS’s intellectual property management companies and monetizing UPS’s IP.  He has numerous patents and knows how to manage trademarks, copyrights, domain names, trade secrets and other internal IP.  He led several acquisitions that included asset purchases, debt and equity investments.

Bill Klussman

3SIXTY Supply Chain, Logistics and Engineering

Bill is an expert in engineering, global logistics and distribution with over 30 years of solution process design for the engineering of an efficient supply chain. Bill strategically drives efficiency through his vast knowledge of engineering disciplines following a 36-year career at UPS. An expert in the complexities of global supply chains for highly regulated environments like healthcare, aerospace and high-tech, Bill’s ability to assimilate with different cultures led him to all regions of the world.

Nick Kochek

3SIXTY Leadership Development

Nick is our foremost expert in leadership development having spent much of his 37-year UPS career developing all levels of management from first-line supervisors to the C-suite. Coupled with extensive knowledge in strategic planning, operational efficiencies, public affairs and workers’ compensation risk control, his ability to understand employee onboarding and continuous development plans allows Nick to develop teams that are result-orientated with multiple business acumens. Nick holds an MBA from California Southern University and is a certified John Maxwell teacher, trainer and speaker and serves on several non-profit boards.


Complimentary, confidential & with no-obligation

"The leadership training offered by 3SIXTY Management Services was an excellent opportunity for our management team to develop their skills in the critical areas of responsibility and leadership that they face on a daily basis.  The facilitators’ draw upon their extensive corporate experience to create a learning environment that’s appropriate for all levels of management. We recognized the need for this traditional training to support our fast-paced operating environment. In order for REVA to live up to our commitment to our clients, our patients, and our employees, we absolutely consider this a strategic investment in our people." 

Shannon Schell

"Rocky is a senior executive advisor specializing in organizational transformation. Recognized as one of the foremost authorities in executive mentoring, he leverages his talent and experience to position his client companies for the future. An engaging speaker and facilitator, Rocky leads business executives to break-through results through break-through thinking.  His formula for peak performance (Think Big –  Start Small –  Move Fast) has been adopted by many executive teams as a methodology for effective leadership in today’s challenging business world. He is knowledgeable, articulate, warm and witty with an ability to communicate effectively with everyone from the board room to the mail room."

Richard Snowden

President North America, RavenHouse International
"Our venture with 3SIXTY Management Services creates a robust team of industry and business professionals that can make the necessary connections within a clients' business required to execute and manage accelerated strategies tied directly to long-term process improvement, growth and higher profits."

Kevin Mayer

Partner, LarsonO'Brien