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Are you a business leader who has led the organization through years of successive
growth, but has now reached a standstill? How do we boost growth and “restart our


Traditionally, a new year gives us an opportunity for a fresh start, but there are times during the year we need a jump start. However, like New Year’s resolutions, the best laid business plans can easily be forgotten when we get caught up in the day-to-day activities that require us to put out fires and wrestle with ongoing business challenges. I use my 100-Day plan concept as a way to jump start the process and in this case your growth. It offers an easy to implement blueprint for a strategic planning process that is both powerful in approach and elegant in its

The 100-Day Plan is based on my concept of Balanced Leadership. The three components in Balanced Leadership are your company’s customers, employees, and stakeholders. All of this is built on a framework that puts less emphasis on “doing things right” and instead focuses on “doing the right thing” for those three groups. I am a believer in discipline, hard work, and enthusiasm. These are the components behind the business plan. It is also important to operate as efficiently as possible and with integrity, compassion, and good will. Finally, it is critical for a business and a leader to establish who you are, what you stand for, and what you will never compromise. It’s the foundation of the 100-Day Plan and what will get tested on the difficult days and periods of the business plan.

During this time and with a methodical Balanced Leadership approach, you need to examine the current and future state of your three main constituent groups. How well are you delighting your
customers and anticipating their needs? How engaged are your team members? Are your drivers of success on track to meet earnings expectations? Through the lens of Balanced Leadership, you will set the foundation with regard to expectations, focus, and culture. Your business plan will then determine what you wish to accomplish in the next 100 days; furthermore, it will determine your focus for monthly execution, serve as a blueprint for the execution of your team’s quarterly objectives, and reveal the year-long program that will drive initiatives to enhance individual and team success.

Setting clear expectations for your team through your leadership is a strategic imperative when it comes to ensuring alignment with your values, mission, strategy, and the 100-Day
Plan will give you that needed jump start. This process of setting Leadership Expectations is an essential accountability tool.

I believe deeply in personal integrity — always striving to do what is right for your customers, people, and stakeholders. No matter what your level, effective leaders must remember they are
role models and ensure there is consistency between your words and actions. You must live your word; establish open, candid, trusting and respectful relationships at all levels – especially with your direct reports. When you treat all people inside and outside your organization fairly and respectfully, you will see others bring their own discipline, hard work, and enthusiasm to work each day.

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