How Micromanagement Hurts Turnover Rates And How To Identify The Culprits In Your Company

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How Micromanagement Hurts Turnover Rates
And How To Identify The Culprits In Your


I subscribe to the theory that people do not quit on their organization but quit on their bosses. Attracting and retaining top talent is a critical component of success. Effective leaders understand their people are their greatest asset. Common ways to keep a company’s turnover rate modest include, stressing work-life balance, company holidays, and flexible schedules. While these are all effective strategies to make the people in your care feel valued and respected, real employee dissatisfaction can come when a CEO or leader of an organization overlooks a micromanager, silently sanctioning this behavior.

Micromanagement very often is the root of employee dissatisfaction and turnover. If you turned your office wall into a scene from a true-crime series tracking a murder, you can probably track a trail of turnover back to a micromanager.

While micromanagers themselves are frustrating and sometimes impossible to work for, these managers aren’t always the obvious reason why an employee quits. Employees become irate enough to leave when micromanagers run rampant in the company, and no one, above them, puts a stop to it. If people were completely honest on their exit interview, they would tell you this and add, “I could not wait any longer for you to address this issue.” In other words, the CEO or senior staff is just as responsible as the person doing the action. Leadership is not a passive duty; it is an active responsibility.

Micromanaging chips away at the confidence and the mental health of employees. A micromanager is effectively placing a restraining order on creativity, problem-solving and some of the excellent results that come from intuition and experience. When an employee feels incapable or disrespected by their manager, there is no incentive to work hard.

True empowerment occurs when people discipline themselves. Your organization will grow when you put a stop to micromanaging. This is what will empower your staff to make decisions and take risks.

As a leader it is not always easy to spot or identify the micromanagers inside your organization and/or within your leadership team. They mask their micromanaging style behind the fact they are some of the hardest working people. They are extremely committed to the organization. They may be that self-starter who has no trouble putting in that extra effort, stay the extra hours and work the weekends. Because of that, they take pride in their work. However, they often confuse activity with results. Back when we all worked in offices, there was always one person still at their desk at 7:30pm and one person always out the door at 5:15 pm. Today, there’s one employee that signs off at 5:30 pm, and one sending emails at all hours of the night. The person who works the hardest, isn’t always working the smartest, it’s often the opposite. The sign of an effective manager is as much as what they don’t do, as what they do.

At a micromanager’s core, they lack the critical skill of delegation. Everything must pass through their desk and by their eyes before it’s moved higher or to the next step. In other words, they act as a gatekeeper or middleman. If work is always coming directly to you, from your direct report, that’s a sign. Managers that have more confidence in their team will advise the work to be sent straight from the person who completed it.

Creativity is often stagnated in a micromanager’s department. That’s because all the people on the team are trying to do is meet the needs of the person they’re reporting to, rather than utilizing creativity to execute on the vision of the organization.

Micromanagers often lack vision, perspective and in many cases confidence. Because of that, they also struggle to make decisions. They tend to suffer from analysis paralysis. Therefore, a micromanagers’ team often misses deadlines and asks for extensions. This is the team that’s usually creating in chaos. And as stated early, the team working overtime.

On the other hand, a non-micromanager knows how to delegate, when to discipline, when to celebrate, and when to be in the background. Their actions inspire openness and trust, they listen with the intent to act, and invite feedback. They spend more time observing and asking questions than telling and preaching to develop an effective vision.



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