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We are pleased to announce the launch of our LEADERSHIP LIBRARY PODCAST. Our pilot episode was released December 2nd, with releases scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Morning coffee is one of the joys of life. When you add your Cup of Joe to your visit to the Leadership Library podcast, your morning coffee will add an educational, entertaining dose of leadership octane to your day!

Our Podcast will focus on Leadership and Legacy as we create AHA moments from my book, Tighten The Lug Nuts and my over 40 years of boots on the ground leadership experience.
Great leaders challenge their people NOT TO STOP AT THE FIRST RIGHT ANSWER. Tighten The Lug Nuts and these visits to the leadership library will help you move past that first right answer. The detailed examples are organized in an educational and entertaining way to form a framework of real-world concepts. The book serves as a blueprint that can be easily applied by leaders, entrepreneurs, and all of us in our everyday lives. I hope you enjoy the shows! The format will allow us to approach concepts in 3 to 5-minute segments that are designed to fuel your day and your journey. This will include what we have been building to inspire innovative ideas and provide benefit to your business and your life journey. With these curated briefings, we hope to give our listeners inside access to what I have been researching, designing, building, thinking, and executing over these 40 years.

Past episodes include:

Ah Ha Moments
Balanced Leadership
Broad Based Leadership
Company Values
Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
Goal Setting
Leaving a Legacy
Personal Values
Values as the Glue
Keys to Success
Build Your Brand Mosaic
Feeling like a Valued Individual
Go to Where the Puck is Going
Know Your Customer
Performance of a Successful Team
Significant Events
Strategic Vision
The Big 8
Act Like an Owner
Visualize What Good Looks Like
Bad News is Better than Ugly News
Bring Your Vision To Life
Meet You Outside Your Comfort Zone
Market Assessment Outside Of Your Control
Market Assessment Within Our Control
My Significant Lesson
Operational Excellence
Simple Acts of Kindness
Someone’s Always Watching
Strategic Process
The Engagement Process
The Obvious Is Not Always The Obvious
The Great Barrier Reef
Training and Development
SWOT Analysis
Bringing Your Plan To Life
Assessing Your Strengths
Don’t Let Your Strengths Become Weaknesses
The Opportunity Zone
Your Barriers Are Your Opportunities 
Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
Writing Is Still Fundamental

with many more topics on the schedule.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the LEADERSHIP LIBRARY podcast at www.tightenthelugnuts.com
and use www.tightenthelugnuts.com as your library pass, or visit https://www.buzzsprout.com/1484407 or Apple Podcasts.




Growth, Profit, Civic and Social Responsibility

Creating a strong value system is a key part of your organizational culture and must be connected to your mission and vision – from recruiting, through onboarding, annual performance reviews and your social responsibilities. Bringing your values to life helps institutionalize them. It is a process that includes modelling what “Exceptional Leadership Looks Like” and ensuring leadership consistently communicates your expectations throughout your organization. Leaders set the top from the top so do not miss an opportunity to model this behavior.

It is important that we insist on senior management adherence to high ethical standards and social responsibility. Done with conviction, and as part of your strategy, corporate growth and social responsibilities will become a way of life and feed off each other. Growth, profitability, and civic and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive but support one another. It will help to define, who you are, what you stand for and what you will not compromise as an organization.

Integrity is the glue. It ensures you do what is right for your customers, your people, shareowners, and stakeholders. Live your word and establish open, candid, trusting and respectful relationships at all levels. Treating all people inside and outside fairly and with dignity and respect. Make decisions that are effective rather than politically correct.

Civic/Social Responsibility will demonstrate honesty, transparency, and integrity in both business, personal life and in the communities, you live and work. The actions you take should model civic responsibility and support worthwhile social causes and this will encourage employees to accept social responsibility for giving back in ways consistent with the organization’s ethical and social values.

Some examples of social responsibility and its support of growth are being attentive to the needs of your people and the communities you serve. You value diversity and encourage a wide range of viewpoints among team members to avoid groupthink and create more culturally sensitive solutions. You and your senior leaders ensure that pay, recognition, and other rewards are distributed in a fair manner, with clear guidelines and enforcement of those guidelines, and you correct unethical behaviors.

Think of it as your Leadership Mission Statement. Your mission is your compass. No matter where you find yourself in your distinct roles, it helps you navigate to the right direction. It’s your enduring purpose as a leader and developer of people. Like a magnetic north it doesn’t change once you have established it.

Balance is critical to your success on the journey you have constructed on your road map to success. I like to put them in a list form under the headings of LEADS, EXECUTES, INNOVATES AND LIVES THE VALUES. Your list will be uniquely yours and represents the way you live your values and mange the balance between your growth, and profitability goals, and your civic and social responsibility.

Finally, the double check questions to ask yourself along the journey to calibrate your success

• Do my actions match my vision and strategy?
• Does it correspond to what my people believe to be my leadership mission and
• Do I consistently reflect mine and our leadership brand promise to them?
• Do all four have a seat at the decision table, growth, profitable, civic, and social

Leadership is not a passive duty – it is an active responsibility. You are expected to lead. This means providing people with the leadership they need to successfully reach their desired goals in concert with those in the organization.



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Great leaders challenge their people NOT TO STOP AT THE FIRST RIGHT ANSWER.

Tighten The Lug Nuts is that book that will help you move past that first right answer and is full of detailed examples that are organized in an educational and entertaining way to form a framework of real-world concepts. This book serves as a blueprint that can be easily applied by leaders, entrepreneurs, and all of us in our everyday lives.

This is one of the best leadership books you can read to help you accelerate towards your personal and professional goals.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first-time manager, Tighten The Lug Nuts is not only motivational but also a call to action for those who have yet to make a mark in their field.

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“As your company is evolving into a performance-driven organization it will be connected
by the principles of Balanced Leadership. This is where each of you should:

• Think like a customer by approaching each challenge as a true solutions provider.
• Feel like a valued individual by knowing your work matters and you are part of the
solution not part of the problem, and you will never compromise on safety.
• Act like an owner by understanding the business and your role in what leads to success.
• Process ties it all together and allows us the ability to replicate the results over time and
new people.”
Rocky Romanella

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