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Best Motivational Business Keynote Speaker

Rocky Romanella

With over 40 years of “boots on the ground” leadership experience, Rocky is one of the best motivational keynote speakers in the country and internationally. He has spoken in large and small venues all over the US including cities like Atlanta, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, NYC, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Houston, LA, Charlotte and many others. Internationally, some of the cities, Toronto, Mexico City, Milan, London, and Krakow. He creates excitement through his energy, passion and knowledge. He will connect with your audience, regardless of size, in a one to one conversational style. Rocky will paint a picture through his unique storytelling as he delivers his Motivational Keynote Speech.

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Book: Tighten The Lug Nuts The Principles of Balanced Leadership by Rocky Romanella


Tighten The Lug Nuts

The Principles of Balanced Leadership

If you are looking to make a mark in your field and difference in your life, this book is the blueprint you need.

This book for me was a tribute to a wonderful family and in grateful respect for an excellent career that I feel very fortunate and blessed to have lived, learned from, and experienced.

As you go through the current events of the day, find those people to thank for their guidance and mentorship and take inventory of all those you have mentored, guided, and inspired along the way.  Some of you will be very proud, some of you need to get to work. It all starts with Your Values and Your Legacy.

Considering the current news of the day I hope Tighten the Lug Nuts can be that book that can help to illustrate WHY VALUES MATTER and How you are the Architect of Your Destiny.

One of the best way’s we recognition these wonderful influencers in our lives is by recognizing them, it will help fuel your personal journey.

Order The Book Now At:

Order The Book Now At:

Unique Skill Sets To Address Unique Problems

Rocky was an inspiration to our Carnegie Business Collaborative (CBC) networking members. He was motivating, informative and fun and gave us real life examples on his balance leadership experiences. We all went back to our offices better leaders today because of him. I am thrilled and honored to have had Rocky at our networking meeting and the entire group felt the same. And “The Lugnuts” were flying outta there. I urge you to get your copy.

Christopher KuhnPresident & CEOELO Consulting, LLCCBC Networking Group Member

THERE IS NOTHING LOOSE TO TIGHTEN UP IN THIS BOOK. IT'S TIGHT! I met Rocky Romanella at #RockstarAutoConference in Las Vegas. After watching his speech, I had to get his book "Tighten The Lug Nuts" and so glad I did. I urge everyone to get this book and follow the life of Joe Scafone and how he applies balanced leadership with knowledge and humor in his day to day life. Thanks Rocky. You are great, your presentation was great and your book is awesome. Get this book folks. You will love it and get so much out of it.

Jay JensenCar Motivators

Arpin Van Lines, Inc. was fortunate enough to have Rocky Romanella as keynote speaker during our Arpin Agent Convention. This event brings together our agent partners from across the United States.It was clearly apparent that all our convention participants – agents, Arpin management and staff, and vendors – benefited from Rocky’s experiences, expertise, and his ability to relate all to our group. His delivery was made in a warm, witty, and articulate manner. Rocky inspired many to look inward and improve the way they operate their businesses and lead their team members.

Conrad SwansonSr. Vice President, Agency Development

Thanks again for signing your book for my children and providing an additional copy for their Dad. Coincidentally, I read the book on my flight into Newark last evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was able to take away several topics for myself as well as my children. I thought that it was appropriate (unplanned) that I told my family about the book over our dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.

Jeff WilliamsVP Sales & Marketing - Aftermarket Division

Rocky’s Virtual Interview with Malcom Gallagher from BTV Focusing on “ WHY VALUES MATTER” in all we do!

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