A Balanced Approach To Business

We add immediate value as trusted advisers through our Balanced Leadership™ Model based on proven business leadership traits.

If your team members are lacking the traits of business leadership that are necessary for optimum growth in your company, our training courses and programs can make a real difference.

Companies enhance their growth momentum when they focus on three key constituents: customers, people and shareowners. Highly effective leaders must have balance when considering their business. We help you inspire your team to take this to heart. For instance, we may help them to:

  • Think like a customer by approaching each challenge as a true solutions provider.
  • Feel like a valued contributor by knowing their work matters and never compromising on safety.
  • Act like an owner by creating an environment where every member of their team understands the business plan and what leads to success.

3SIXTY Balanced Leadership Model enables a clear understanding of individual roles to optimize outcomes and to execute change initiatives. We work with you to develop business leadership traits that will bring much-needed change to your company, starting from the inside. Our leadership courses and programs, and consulting services are considered by many to be a ‘must’ for up and coming leaders in industry. Work with us to optimize processes and customize business team training that will accelerate growth and achieve results.

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What we do

Our clients include global leaders in Transportation, Logistics and Telecommunications. We bring our experience in these areas to every client. In conclusion our clients have the the tools and skills they need to continue to improve and grow.

We’ve made it our business to be a mentor to corporate up-and-coming leaders. We brinh value in our courses and programs that pays off in the bottom line. Schedule a free meeting with our team of experts to learn more.


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“Rocky was an inspiration to our Carnegie Business Collaborative (CBC) networking members.  He was motivating, informative and fun and gave us real life examples on his balance leadership experiences. We all went back to our offices better leaders today because of him. I am thrilled and honored to have had Rocky at our networking meeting and the entire group felt the same.  And “The Lugnuts” were flying outta there. I urge you to get your copy. Christopher Kuhn,  President & CEO ELO Consulting, LLC CBC Networking Group Member”

Christopher Kuhn

President & CEO
I just want to take a moment to thank you for coming to speak at our SSA Convention this year in Asheville, North Carolina. As you know, we strive to provide a keynote speaker each year that will be able to grab the attention of our members, motivate them and give them meaningful ideas that they can take back and apply in their business. Quite frankly, your keynote address was one of the best we’ve ever had. It’s clear that you spoke to us from your heart. You were presenting, not mere team management principles, but rather a philosophy of life, one that you clearly believe and live by. It was very enthusiastically received. Here are just some of the comments I got from our members after your presentation:   “Loved the energy.”  “Very energetic. Great info and all useful.”  “Challenging in a positive way.”  “Relevant. Enjoyable.”  “Bring him back!” I am especially grateful for the advanced preparation you did, calling our members, getting to know the issues they face and tailoring your presentation to the unique needs of our group. You hit this one out of the park.    Craig S. Fry Executive Director Service Specialists Association  

SSA Testimonial

THERE IS NOTHING LOOSE TO TIGHTEN UP IN THIS BOOK. IT'S TIGHT! I met Rocky Romanella at hashtagRockstarAutoConference in Las Vegas last week. After watching his speech, I had to get his book "Tighten The Lug Nuts" and so glad I did. It's a different type of book on Leadership and the principles of balanced leadership, which I really found refreshing this day and age. It's such a great and easy read packed full of real life day to day situations and valuable lessons learned from those situations. I urge everyone to get this book and follow the life of Joe Scafone and how  he applies balanced leadership with knowledge and humor in his day to day life. Thank you Mat Koenig for putting together such a great conference in Vegas. This is why people need to go to the next to Rockstar Conference in May. I was introduced to so many great people like Rocky from attending Rockstar last week. Thanks Rocky. You are great, your presentation was great and your book is awesome. I did love how you did nail your description of what it's like to live in Iowa. Spot on my friend. Tulip festival, you know Iowa and I have even been to one of the festivals when I was young lol. Get this book folks. You will love it and get so much out of it. Jay Jensen  Car Motivators

Car Motivators

Ciao Rocky, Hope this note finds you and your family well. Thank you again for sharing a copy of your book. In addition to being a beautiful tribute to your family, I found its content validating in terms of my own personal experience and work experience. I will incorporate your lessons in my coaching repertoire with new school administrators this year. My favorite story was about the pizza delivery guy!         Anthony Amodeo

Anthony Amodeo

School Administrator
Book: Tighten The Lug Nuts The Principles of Balanced Leadership by Rocky RomanellaThanks again for signing your book for my children and providing an additional copy for their Dad. Coincidentally, I read the book on my flight into Newark last evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was able to take away several topics for myself as well as my children. I thought that it was appropriate(unplanned) that I told my family about the book over our dinner of spaghetti and meatballs last night. Jeff Williams VP Sales & Marketing - Aftermarket Division

Jeff Williams

VP Sales and Marketing
Rocky is an authentic speaker with great Passion and Enthusiasm. With over 40 years of “boots on the ground” Leadership experience, he created excitement through his energy, passion and knowledge. He connected with our audience, regardless of size, whether in our Emerging Leaders group, and breakout sessions over two days. In his one to one conversational style, he painted a picture through his unique storytelling and worked hard to understand our groups and business. Through his Balanced Leadership Model there is a laser focus on customer needs, employee empowerment and the demands of stakeholders. Adam Bjerke Anchor Paper Co. Board Member of Emerging Executives at Afflink  June 2018  

Adam Bjerke

Board Member
"Rocky wowed the audience with his relatability and deep understanding of what it takes to not just lead but lead successfully. He did his homework with the group; attending the roundtable session, asking intuitive questions and mingling at the receptions.”
Kristi Spargo Managing Editor, JDT National Association of Dental Laboratories

Kristi Spargo

Managing Editor
Hi Rocky Emailing your from Australia, State of Victoria Small town called Robinvale where 80% are from Italian heritage . We are second generation  Italian as my parents immigrated from Italy in 1950s We try to keep those traditions from our parents but as the years pass those traditions will also pass but hopefully the important ones like respect and family values hopefully won’t fade with time Just finish listening to the podcast Build Your Network with Travis Chappell twice Found it very useful and still absorbing a lot of the content you said. Thankyou for putting yourself out there to share your story We are always still learning things everyday I have a list of sayings on my iPhone with I write  that makes me a better leader and more important  a better person and today I added to that list Again thankyou Carmelo Tassone

Carmelo Tassone

Arpin Van Lines, Inc. was fortunate enough to have Rocky Romanella as keynote speaker during our Arpin Agent Convention. This event brings together our agent partners from across the United States. It was clearly apparent that all our convention participants – agents, Arpin management and staff, and vendors – benefited from Rocky’s experiences, expertise, and his ability to relate all to our group. His delivery was made in a warm, witty, and articulate manner. Rocky inspired many to look inward and improve the way they operate their businesses and lead their team members. I, as well as others on our management team, found it particularly heartwarming to hear about Rocky’s positive personal moving experience with Arpin Van Lines and how well his family was treated by our driver and crew. We take great pride in our customer service delivery and appreciate that he relayed his experience to the convention participants. It was a true pleasure to get to know Rocky, as well as his lovely wife. We highly recommend Rocky to other companies; they will certainly benefit when they contract for his services.

Sincerely,  Conrad Swanson Sr. Vice President, Agency Development

Conrad Swanson Sr.

Vice President Agency Development
Again, we truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to join us. Without the generosity and participation of presenters like you, these meetings would not be possible.On behalf of the National Association of Dental Laboratories, I would like to thank you for your contribution of time and talent at the 2018 NADL Vision 21 Meeting in Las Vegas. We are so pleased you could be a part of this important meeting. Your Presentation was well received by our attendees and the information you provided was excellent. We hope everyone in attendance will put your  information to good use in their businesses and in better serving those in the industry. Again, we truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to join us. Without the generosity and participation of presenters like you, these meetings would not be possible.      

Robert Savage Jr.

NADL President (National Association of Dental Laboratories)
We can only be successful and balanced leaders when we recognize our own ability to influence and empower others by listening, coaching, knowing what we stand for and what we can never compromise.  Joe Scafone personifies how wisdom, confidence and humor derived from interactions with family, friends, colleagues and strangers over a lifetime can help train all of us to be the great listeners and leaders of our time. Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership is a resource for all aspiring and current leaders.

Karen A Passaro

Dean, Continuing Education Seton Hall University
Rocky Romanella has written a highly useful and highly readable book for ANYONE wishing to be a more effective (and happy) leader. His storytelling approach makes the book an entertaining read, and the lesson summaries that complete each chapter serve as a blueprint for putting the information into practice. I’d recommend Tighten the Lug Nuts to new leaders as well as experienced leaders. If you don’t learn something from this book, you’re not trying!

Dennis Snow

Business Author, Speaker, and Consultant
Rocky Romanella brings real lessons for leadership from decades of management practice. Practical lessons in values, roles, problems, energy, and legacy are delivered in context of real world experience - but with lessons directly accessible to the reader. A different, and worthy read.

Benn Konsynski

PhD, Emory University, George S. Craft Distinguished University Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management
On behalf of the New Jersey CXO Governing Body, thank you again for the hard work that went into your presentation. I heard nothing but great things about how the day went. I hope you enjoyed the experience as well! Here is some feedback from the group on your session: Scores (scale of 1-5): Content – 4.6; Speaker – 4.9 Written feedback:
  • Great analogies!
  • Rocky was engaging, authentic, and real. Was a good start to set the tone for the meeting.
  • Very knowledgeable speaker who has a real passion for leadership as he came up from the ranks.
  • Great talk. Very engaging.
  • Great talk
  • Simple explanation of concepts
  • Relating a UPS approach to IT Service Delivery
  • Using real world examples was very helpful in internalizing the key points
  • Passionate speaker
  • I enjoyed how he mingled corporate leadership with everyday life situations

New Jersey CXO - Dinner Keynote

Content Director
The leadership training offered by 3SIXTY Management Services was an excellent opportunity for our management team to develop their skills in the critical areas of responsibility and leadership that they face on a daily basis.  The facilitators’ draw upon their extensive corporate experience to create a learning environment that’s appropriate for all levels of management. We recognized the need for this traditional training to support our fast-paced operating environment. In order for REVA to live up to our commitment to our clients, our patients, and our employees, we absolutely consider this a strategic investment in our people.

Shannon Schell

Rocky is a senior executive advisor specializing in organizational transformation. Recognized as one of the foremost authorities in executive mentoring, he leverages his talent and experience to position his client companies for the future. An engaging speaker and facilitator, Rocky leads business executives to break-through results through break-through thinking.  His formula for peak performance (Think Big –  Start Small –  Move Fast) has been adopted by many executive teams as a methodology for effective leadership in today’s challenging business world. He is knowledgeable, articulate, warm and witty with an ability to communicate effectively with everyone from the board room to the mail room.

Richard Snowden

President North America, RavenHouse International
New Jersey CXO - Dinner KeynoteOur venture with 3SIXTY Management Services creates a robust team of industry and business professionals that can make the necessary connections within a clients' business required to execute and manage accelerated strategies tied directly to long-term process improvement, growth and higher profits.

Kevin Mayer

Partner, LarsonO'Brien