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Valuable communication and learning can and will happen at a memorable event. As leaders, we are continually searching for ways to improve the quality of communications and learning that takes place at these different venues. Our goal is to get information that is useful and can help to improve the quality of our work and decisions.

These events provide a fantastic opportunity to expand your customer experience beyond typical interactions like sales, training, and consulting. Having your customers interact with each other during the event is priceless, as is your people interacting with each other during an in-house meeting. Strategically coordinating simple conversations between your participants can

accelerate their growth and development, create AHA moments that will help them in their dayto-day routines, and challenge them to seek new ways to run the business. Customer-tocustomer conversations can ignite new up-sell and expansion opportunities.

Understanding the goals of the event
Remember your SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) objectives, and take the time to make extensive notes and action plans for each workshop and breakout. Once you have the foundations of your event sorted out, you can start handpicking all the workshops, interactions, and experiences to round out your event and make it sparkle.

What type of event is this?
The first question to ask is about the nature of the event, as all subsequent event planning questions will be determined by this answer. Is this a meeting? A corporate event? A promotional event? For this example, let’s assume you’re hosting a Leadership Conference event for clients across many different sectors. There will need to be activities that will spark discussions, that all can participate in, and will start dialogues that foster creative thinking. Always remember that the participants are making a sacrifice of time from their current responsibilities and personal time from their family time, so they need to know that you value their time through your preparation and creativity.

When is the best time for this event?
Once you have an idea of when to hold your event, don’t forget to check out local and surrounding area event calendars for other major holidays, events, and similar happenings in the same time frame. Know your target guest list and be cognizant of their interests and agendas. After sorting out the details and perfecting each detail of your event, it would be terrible to be overshadowed by a major annual event and lose guests because of a simple oversight.

What should the theme be?
You want to draw people to this event, so you’ll have to do something to capture their attention.
Working with and talking to key participants will help you create an identity that people will
recognize and want to get involved with. If it’s a stand-alone event, think about ways to get
people excited about it. Remember their sacrifice of time.

What is unique about this event?
If you were an attendee instead of the organizer, what would make you want to attend? What has stood out to you at previous events?

What services will you need?
Once your event starts to take shape and the foundation is mapped out, you don’t want to overlook marketing and documenting the inevitably amazing moments with your guests! Will you have an event teaser to get your guests jazzed up and excited to attend? Would you like a photographer for your event, or maybe a photo booth? Have you considered a videographer or live streaming your event to extend your reach and accessibility to guests? Having an external vendor tackle event services like registration, live social feed walls, or other audio/visual setup can add to the overall experience and engagement at your event and free you up to focus on your attendees and the overall event experience.

Regardless of how seamless your event planning may be, there will likely be one aspect that you’ll overlook because you’re too involved in it. Many eyes will guarantee fewer errors, so give your proposal to a colleague to sort through before you take any action. Open and frequent communication about your event planning questions is key to the success of any great event, so keep chatting, and you’re sure to have a fantastic event!

Time is a precious commodity. Showing people through your preparation that you value their time is a great gift and one they will appreciate. They will value the time they spent at your Memorable Event!



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