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Partnership involves a deep-rooted commitment. It involves thinking of the greater good, rather than the individual good. A healthy and successful partnership requires an open mind, compromise, collaboration, and respect.

One of the ways to promote and grow a partnership is by building upon the legacy of your organization and celebrating the common bond that you have as a leader in the organization.

Partnership is a great honor and even a great responsibility, especially in an organization where there are financial incentives to ownership. The importance of these types of partnerships is that over time, as an owner, you get a greater share of the rewards as the company achieves excellence and profitability.

The challenging part of this partnership equation is that as a financial owner, you have a heightened level of personal responsibility—you have skin in the game. To your fellow partners and members of your organization family, it means running every aspect of the business you touch as your own.

To the people in your care—those brand new to the organization, optimistically looking towards a long-term career, and those who have ridden the storm of uncertainty and radical change post COVID—this may be a welcome sight and opportunity. What was old may now be what we need to be new!

With this in mind, you have now become the model of what good looks like. Your actions reflect upon your people, and their actions reflect upon your customers and, more importantly than anything else, become your reputation. As you know, reputations can be created and destroyed in an instant, by even the simplest of acts.

Regardless of if you choose to go “old school” with an ownership component or an incentive-type reward system for partnership, ideally, a partnership atmosphere has great benefits and promotes the desire for everyone in your organization to Act Like An Owner in all their decisions and encounters. When you act like an owner, you emulate the organization’s values and mission with each decision you make. You are the model of excellence and honesty, and integrity is at the core of all you do.

Because you are committed to the long-term success of the organization, you focus on new ways to create solutions. You, especially, embrace change and ensure that those in your care understand and equally embrace it so they too can reap the rewards.

As partners, you work thoughtfully and use processes, technology, and tools for results. You are always open to lending resources to those you work with and those who are building new markets or implementing new initiatives to help the organization grow and diversify.

Partners know that they cannot do it alone and are deeply committed to supporting a climate for success for all, which starts with providing a safe work environment for their people, customers, and the general public.

Finally, partners check their ego at the door each day they walk in, and are humble. They look for ways to support each other by working together as a team, being flexible, and adapting to changing conditions. By doing so, you strive to be respected leaders among your peers and within the industry.


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