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Find Your Opportunity To Grow

The New Year is often the beginning of a new assignment, a new responsibility, a new role and maybe this is the year it begins with a promotion and additional responsibility. Whether this is your new beginning for 2023 or these events take place during the upcoming year, the approach is the same. Your approach should start with a 100-day plan, and an understanding of your process and approach. In this newsletter, I would like to talk about THE APPROACH.

New Year - New Role Find Your Opportuniy To Grow

Here are the keys to your new position, responsibility, and the core of your approach.

1. Accept your role and all that comes with it.
2. Set clear boundaries for all to follow and understand.
3. Communicate effectively with everyone you lead, engage with and interact with. 4. Take action to get results you want and need.

You are a role model in this new responsibility and everything you do speaks. The new reality must be reflected in your attitude, your approach and most importantly in your behavior. You can never lose sight that you are:

  • The brand ambassador for your personal brand the organization’s brand
  • You get your results through others
  • You confer with your partners, and teammates in other departments, such as legal, finance, H.R., and those you work with on a regular basis.
  • You need to become familiar with company policies, procedures, protocols and regulations, which will protect your people, your company and your reputation.
  • Become a learning machine and lead by example your desire to be The Best, The Brightest, Most Informed and Best Educated person and team in the industry

As brand ambassador, welcome all new people. Sit down with them and review the mission and values of the organization. Without a road map and a clear understanding of the ‘Rules of The Road,” it can be much harder for the new members of the team and organization to get what they need, where they need to go, where you want them to go, and, in many cases, where you need them to go. It is important for you to understand your expectations, so make sure they also understand what is expected of them.

The art of communication is the language of leadership. Here are some of the key words in your leadership language:

  • Inform people of the things they need to do and know how to do them to be successful
  • Instruct and teach them on what to do and how to do it
  • Learn what your people, customers and other departments needs are
  • Clarify expectations, roles and responsibilities, along with time frames
  • Coach to help them learn, improve and grow
  • Motivate your team to higher levels of performance and growth
  • Receive and understand feedback, input, questions, and concerns
  • Correct performance and behavior problems and issues. Do not silently sanction bad
  • Command and reinforce good behaviors and outcomes by your people.
  • Remember, you get what inspect and incent

Finally, as exciting as new opportunities are, they also can bring anxiety with them. You are not alone, as they say; been there, done that and felt that. The best medicine is to act in an organized and process approach. You cannot build your reputation on what you intend to do.

Analyze the issue and situation, collect and consider all data and facts to build your plan. Consult with others and collect input from those you may be impacting and at all levels to look at your plan from its widest consequences.

Tailor a strategy that is written so that it can distributed both verbally and consistently to all that need to understand and embrace it. Implement your strategy and plan through your initiatives and the actions you have identified. Be prepared to walk the talk. You will need to coordinate and oversee the plan as it is being implemented. Your ability the communicate and educate everyone on the strategy and plan will be measured by the results and the amount of micromanagement you must do. Less micromanagement equals a great job of communication and education and good results.

Finally, set up a robust monitoring process which will also help to compliment the good results, reposition when off course, and enforce the good behaviors you want your people to understand and embrace. Navigate through the necessary adjustments, address obstacles and seize opportunities because everyone is operating as a cohesive team.

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