A Call To Action For A Rapid Rebuild In 2021

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As we begin 2021 It is so important to the culture and future success of our companies to take time and reflect on the values and principles that guide us. It is how we, as leaders, build a strong, uncompromising, and unique culture for our companies going into 2021 and post pandemic.

We have had a very difficult past year – more than we could have ever anticipated. Yet, I believe we will emerge from these difficult days a stronger and more competitive company – like a phoenix.

A phoenix is a beautiful, legendary bird that lived in Arabia and, according to myth, consumed itself by fire every 500 years. A new, young phoenix — just as breathtaking — sprang from its ashes. In ancient Egypt, the phoenix represented the sun, which dies at night and is reborn in the morning. Greek mythology presents the stunning creature in the early morning — at dawn it bathes in water and sings an enchanting song. So beautiful is this song that the sun god Helios would stop his chariot to listen.

There only exists one phoenix at a time. Upon its impending death, it builds a nest, sets itself on fire, and is consumed by the flames. A new phoenix springs forth from the fire. Early Christian tradition adopted the phoenix as a symbol of both immortality and resurrection. Modern folklore utilizes the magnificent creature as a symbol of renewal, rebirth, and starting anew.

As leaders we need to begin our journey back and start anew. In previous newsletters we spoke about the need to have clarity around Who We Are, What We Stand For and What We Will Not Compromise.

Now it is about knowing who we are, where we are going and get there as quickly as we can. We began 2020 as a cohesive team, highly motivated with a strong commitment to growing the business. The same holds true in 2021, yet our circumstances are quite different. And so, our tactics and approach must be as well.

Today, and for the remainder of the year, our Call to Action is for the Rapid Rebuild of our brand, our businesses, and our futures. We are still on our journey of building a highperformance culture on our road to operational excellence. However, that road had a fork in it – an unforeseen detour. It was the course we were given; our only path to follow. Until now.

Now, the road ahead is ours to navigate. During the next few weeks, the vision, the road map and your 100-day plan to achieve these rapid rebuild must be developed, articulated, and implemented. You and the members of your team must be able to discuss the financial state of the organization, so everyone will know where we are and where we need to go, and the steps we will take to build a unified brand, what our brand stands for and what our brand promise is.

We can be a much stronger force in the industries we serve if we leverage our collective strengths. What the last year has showed myself and many of you is what I have always
believed that we have very good people, committed to our success and that that we are in this together. We have had to prove to our customers, our people, investors, and lenders that we are strong in our vision and commitments . We are one company, with one vision and one brand.

Over the next few newsletters we will discuss in more detail:
The components of a 100-day plan
Using simple but effective metrics to track both organizational effectiveness and efficiency
Creating and adding value all along your journey.

And much more. Remember all of these topics can be found in my book Tighten The Lug Nuts
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