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In This Issue

  • Meeting Planners: How To Create The Perfect Meeting
  • New podcasts: Our latest is with Dov Baron, the world-wide #1 Fortune 500 Podcast, Inc Magazine Top Podcast for Next-Gen Leadership and Business Families!
  • Keynote speaking: Thoughts from my most recent events and upcoming events.
  • Featured Article: Our thoughts on where the puck is going – not where it has been.
  • Coaches Corner: Wisdom from some of the greatest coaches.
  • The Video Library: This is a great place to start your research.
  • Tighten The Lugnuts: A game-changing book that continues to receive 5-Star reviews.
  • Free Assessment: Our business assessment is an objective look at your business, designed to provide you with a clear picture of: Where your business is today; What will help you get to where you want to be tomorrow; What might hinder or impede your progress, and; What specific actions can be taken to address all these issues.


Meeting Planners: How To Create The Perfect Meeting

I wanted to thank everyone for your input, expertise and thoughtful response to our question, “How to create a perfect meeting?” Below is a summary of your responses to questions 5 and 6:

5. What is unique and memorable about this event?

If you were an attendee instead of the organizer, what would make you want to attend? What has stood out to you at previous events?

• First Impressions: First impressions are crucial when it comes to ensuring people’s first response to your conference is a positive one. When people first show up at your event, you only have a short amount of time to make a lasting impression. Experts suggest that you only have seven seconds or less to make an impression before others make a judgement based on what they’ve observed.

• Great Speakers and an Engaged Emcee: An engaged emcee who really cares about both the audience and the speakers/panelists has a huge impact on an event. An emcee who forms a connection with the audience makes that audience feel important.

Hiring fantastic speakers and presenters, who have a proven track record of putting on engaging talks and informative speeches, can be a great way to ensure your conference is a memorable one.

• Great Ending: If a conference has a strong and impressive conclusion, it’ll be more likely to stay in the minds of attendees. This can make it the final thought going through people’s heads as they leave, and the most recent talking point for any post-event networking that occurs.

6. What services will you need?

Once your event starts to take shape and the foundation is mapped out, you don’t want to overlook marketing and documenting the inevitably amazing moments with your guests!

1. Will you have an event teaser to get your guests jazzed up and excited to attend?

2. Would you like a photographer for your event, or maybe a photo booth?

3. Have you considered a videographer or live streaming your event to extend your reach and accessibility to guests?

4. Having an external vendor tackle event services like registration, live social feed walls, or other audio/visual setup can add to the overall experience and engagement at your event and free you up to focus on your attendees and the overall event experience.

Regardless of how seamless your event planning may be, there will likely be one aspect that you’ll overlook because you’re too involved in it. Many eyes will guarantee fewer errors, so give your proposal to a colleague to sort through before you take any action. Open and frequent communication about your event planning questions is key to the success of any great event, so keep chatting and you’re sure to have a fantastic event!

I am very interested and am sure you have your own thoughts that you would like to share. Over the next few editions, we will build out a question or two using your thoughts. Please send me your thoughts on questions 3 and 4 for our next edition: 3. What is the best time for this event? and 4. What is the theme of this event?. Please email me with your ideas at [email protected]. We will also have a new video podcast available on this subject shortly (details below).

Special Gift For Responders

As a thank you, the email addresses of those who respond to this survey will be entered in a drawing to receive a free signed paperback copy of Tighten the Lug Nuts – The Principles of Balanced Leadership. Three names will be drawn and I will contact the winners via email.

New Video Podcast Now Available

I was recently interviewed by Don McCauley regarding how to create the perfect meeting. In this interview we covered all the important questions, including most of the topics listed above. Many of these principles will apply to any type of meeting or event. The full interview is now available at the 3SIXTY Management Services website.

Listen To The Podcast

New Podcast: The Change Makers Podcast With Runa Magnusdottir

Lots of great takeaways in this podcast including:

  1. You can only handle so many urgent things – prioritize
  2. Balance is important in leadership
  3. People influence each other
  4. Good leaders are good teachers
  5. Your legacy lives long after the decision you made
  6. Treat people with respect
  7. Why values matter

and much more
Episode 40

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New Podcast: Dov Baron’s Full Monty Leadership

Dov Baron’s Leadership and Loyalty Tips for Executives podcast is the world-wide #1 Fortune 500 Podcast and the Inc Magazine Top Podcast for Next-Gen Leadership and Business Families. Dov interviewed me about balanced leadership. Every leader has, or at some point will find themselves looking for balance. But what does “balance” actually mean, and is it even possible?
Episode 41

Listen To The Podcast

Your Next Conference, Your Next Motivational Speaker, Your Next Topic

To achieve success, you will need to embrace the Balanced Leadership philosophy along with the goals and objectives through walking the talk and your daily actions. Your success will be measured by the degree to which everyone in your organization at every level begins to understand, embrace, emulate, and execute the vision and strategy.

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3PL & Supply Chain Summit: Atlanta, GA

Session Keynote, Innovation Stage: Making your disadvantage your advantage: How SMEs can thrive amid challenging labor conditions

As a former executive and thought leader in the supply chain and logics industry I enjoyed the interaction with the attendees and the opportunity to listen to and talk with such thought leaders, practitioners and business leaders about the industry wide disruptions and transformations that are happening in the supply chain world.

While the 3PL & Supply Chain Summit provides strategic vision, the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at the all new innovation exhibition was an honor. The forum was creative and new and proved to be the one-stop-shop for logistics, operations and supply chain managers. Along with an engaging audience, participants had the opportunity to learn and ask questions in a unique setting along with one-on-one’s with the most innovative companies, delivering the technology and services that transform how the supply chain works and performs.

Finally, I was the moderator/emcee of two panels which featured distinguished and engaging panelist who were focused on the audience and their concerns and questions. Our goal was to form a connection with the audience and make that audience feel important, engaged and create the forum to ask questions. Our feedback was great and the panels hit the mark.

Next: Afflink Forum: Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, June 24, 2019

I will be conducting two Breakout Sessions at this event:

1. Competition for People, Customers and Market Share in the e-commerce World:

Some of the topics that will be covered (as we all compete in this tight labor market) will be:
• Developing people
• Select and retain an excellent workforce within an environment that values diversity and respects individuality.
• Promote continuous learning and the development of self and others to achieve maximum potential.
• Give and seek open and authentic feedback.

2. Essential Ingredients of Leadership;

In this breakout we will discuss the essential ingredients along with the following thoughts:

• In my view, leadership is about building a bridge to our future. You give your people the opportunity to help build that bridge by communicating and educating each one of them on your vision and strategy.
• Leadership is the ability to quickly, accurately and effectively assess:
· who you are
· what you stand for, and
· what you will never compromise
• Does your vision and strategy correspond to what your people, your customers and investors believe to be your strategy, and consistently reflect the brand.

Coming Up In July 2019

Keynote Speaker: Emerge Insight Tour, The Peninsula Hot, Chicago. Ill., July 26, 2019.

Our topic will be:

Making Informed Operational Decisions with your Three Key Constituents in Mind Through Balanced Leadership.

Stay tuned for more information in our next newsletter.

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Next Featured Article: Training and Development

One of the central themes at the many conferences I have had the opportunity to speak at and/or develop breakout sessions for is the topic of: Competition for people in a growing economy.

Over the next few editions we will discuss my thoughts and vision on this important topic, and some of the services provided by 3SIXTY Management Services through our world class training programs, designed to position your organization to compete for top talent.

As always, you have been interactive and engaged on our previous topics and I would love to get your thoughts, questions and feedback on this important topic. Feel free to call or email me at [email protected].

Or you can use the contact form at 3SIXTYManagementServices.com

Coach’s Corner – Exclusive never-seen before interview with UCLA Coach John Wooden

In every newsletter I include a quote from UCLA Coach John Wooden, whom I had the great pleasure to interview while I was a leader at UPS. Coach often said, “When everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking.” Click below to view the full interview.

If you play a coaching role (and we all do), please look at the unique and exclusive interview with legendary Coach John Wooden on our website. Coach Wooden was a supporter of the Jimmy V Foundation and in memory of Coach Valvano, who passed away, April 28, 1993, we are remembering Coach Valvano and his fight by donating one dollar to the Jimmy V Fund to find the cure for each copy of Tighten The Lug Nuts sold.

Coach Valvano is remembered for being many things: a player, a coach, a broadcaster, a brother, husband and a father. But above all he was an inspiration. And when he was diagnosed with cancer at 46, he never gave up. Thank you in advance for your generous support and enjoy the book.

Visit The Coach’s Corner

The Video Library is Here (And, You Don’t Need a Library Card)

Time is of the essence for all of us. We are overloaded with information – so much so that we simply cannot digest it all. For this reason, I am very excited to announce our new video library.

Here you can explore important concepts in mere minutes. Short on ideas for your next meeting? There are loads of ideas here. Need a quick video for your next gathering? Looking for a keynote speaker or advisor? You might find just what you are looking for here. New videos are added regularly, so be sure to
check back soon.

Take a moment and check out our new commercial for Tighten The Lug Nuts entitled Become A Better Leader.

Visit The Video Library

What Others Are Saying . . .

“Thank you very much for the leadership training you provided to our Sea Cadets.”

“Providing leadership opportunities and practical experience is core to our program. Your perspectives gave our young people insights within the business community that we generally do not offer. A balanced exposure is necessary to help from a well rounded leader.”

“Thank you again for your support of our program.”

CWO2 David R. Sheets, NSCC, Commanding Officer, John t. Dempster, Jr. Division, United States Naval sea Cadet Corps

““Rocky is an authentic speaker with great Passion and Enthusiasm. With over 40 years of “boots on the ground” Leadership experience, he created excitement through his energy, passion and knowledge. He connected with our audience, regardless of size, whether in our Emerging Leaders group, and breakout sessions over two days. In his one to one conversational style, he painted a picture through his unique storytelling and worked hard to understand our groups and business. Through his Balanced Leadership Model there is a laser focus on customer needs, employee empowerment and the demands of stakeholders.”

Adam Bjerke Anchor Paper Co. Board Member of Emerging Executives at Afflink

Even Google likes us. We are ranked at #5 for Motivational Keynote
Speaker 2019, #6 for 2019 Motivational Keynote Speakers and #5 for Best
2019 Motivational Keynote Speakers.

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Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership

Leadership is something we all have concerns about. Leadership is not a concept that only applies to certain people in business, government, and civic organizations. The reality is that no matter our age, gender, occupation, educational level, or position in life, each of us touches and influences other lives. In this book, rated 5 stars on Amazon, I present a powerful overview of the concepts of Balanced Leadership and how each of us as leaders in our own way can make a difference and Leave Our Legacy.

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Help your team become more effective and take on bigger and more significant challenges. The 3SIXTY business leadership training team brings decades of experience in our partnership with you to tailor comprehensive leadership development curriculum for your team members and train them on skills that will transform your organization.

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