A personal message from Rocky Romanella March 5 2019

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  • The Essential Ingredients of Leadership
  • New podcasts
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  • Coaches Corner
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  • Tighten The Lugnuts
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Questions to ask yourself in the privacy of your own heart and conscience:

  1. Do you deserve the respect of the people in your care, your peers, your boss and those you have relationships with?
  2. Do you treat them with dignity and respect?
  3. What are the things that you do to be helpful to them?
  4. Do you view them as part of the solution or part of the problem?
  5. Do you take the time to understand some of the issues that may be affecting their performance?
  6. How carefully do you listen?

Finally, are you viewed as a person who is sincere, fair, honest and impartial as a leader?

I would love to hear what you think and would greatly value your input. Please give me your thoughts on this list and previous conversations on our main topics. Let me know what YOU would add to the list. Just drop me a quick email at [email protected] with your ideas regarding The Essential Ingredients of Leadership.

New Podcast: The Ultimate Leadership Podcast

In this episode we did something a little different. When Chris called me and expressed his concerns with setting up a new division, we thought it would be great to discuss that challenge and so we developed a special case study episode. I really enjoy talking to Chris who is an internationally recognized leadership expert and best-selling author who presents information on the best practices in developing professional leaders.

Episode 28

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Your Next Conference, Your Next Motivational Speaker, Your Next Topic

To achieve success, you will need to embrace the Balanced Leadership philosophy along with the goals and objectives through walking the talk and your daily actions. Your success will be measured by the degree to which everyone in your organization at every level begins to understand, embrace, emulate, and execute the vision and strategy.

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New Keynote: US Naval Sea Cadet Corps

I really enjoyed speaking to a group from the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Providing leadership opportunities and practical experience is core to their program. The goal is to form well rounded leadership skills.

Upcoming Keynote: TD Bank, March 14, 2019

We will be discussing career development, mentoring, and the role of the mentor and the mentee. We’ll also hold a book signing.

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Interested In A Book Signing?

Please contact me personally with any questions or to schedule a book signing. If you would like to purchase books as a gift and would like them signed, call or email me at [email protected] to coordinate.

Or you can use the contact form at 3SIXTYManagementServices.com

Coach’s Corner – March Madness and an exclusive never-seen before interview with UCLA Coach John Wooden

In every newsletter I include a quote from UCLA Coach John Wooden, whom I had the great pleasure to interview while I was a leader at UPS. Coach often said, “The smallest good deed is better than the best intention.” Click below to view the full interview.

With March Madness around the corner, please look at the unique and exclusive interview with legendary Coach John Wooden on our website. Coach Wooden was a supporter of the Jimmy V Foundation and in memory of Coach Valvano, who passed away, April 28, 1993, we are remembering Coach Valvano and his fight by donating one dollar to the Jimmy V Fund to find the cure for each copy of Tighten The Lug Nuts sold.

Coach Valvano is remembered for being many things: a player, a coach, a broadcaster, a brother, husband and a father. But above all he was an inspiration. And when he was diagnosed with cancer at 46, he never gave up. Thank you in advance for your generous support and enjoy the book.

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The Video Library is Here (And, You Don’t Need a Library Card)

Time is of the essence for all of us. We are overloaded with information – so much so that we simply cannot digest it all. For this reason, I am very excited to announce our new video library.

Here you can explore important concepts in mere minutes. Short on ideas for your next meeting? There are loads of ideas here. Need a quick video for your next gathering? Looking for a keynote speaker or advisor? You might find just what you are looking for here. New videos are added regularly, so be sure to
check back soon.

Take a moment and check out our new commercial for Tighten The Lug Nuts entitled Become A Better Leader.

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What Others Are Saying . . .

“Arpin Van Lines Inc. was fortunate enough to have Rocky Romanella as keynote speaker during our Arpin Agent convention. This event brings together our agent Partners from across the United States. It was clearly apparent that all our convention participants – agents, Arpin management and staff and vendors – benefited from Rocky’s experiences, expertise and his ability to relate all to our group. His delivery was made in a warm, witty and articulate manner. Rocky inspired many to look inward and improve the way they operate their business and lead their team members.”

Conard Swanson Sr., Vice President Agency Development

“Rocky Romanella has written a highly useful and highly readable book for ANYONE wishing to be a more effective (and happy) leader. His storytelling approach makes the book an entertaining read, and the lesson summaries that complete each chapter serve as a blueprint for putting the information into practice. I’d recommend Tighten the Lug Nuts to new leaders as well as experienced leaders. If you don’t learn something from this book, you’re not trying!”

Dennis Snow, Business Author, Speaker and Consultant

Even Google likes us. We are ranked at #5 for Motivational Keynote
Speaker 2019, #6 for 2019 Motivational Keynote Speakers and #5 for Best
2019 Motivational Keynote Speakers.

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Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership

Leadership is something we all have concerns about. Leadership is not a concept that only applies to certain people in business, government, and civic organizations. The reality is that no matter our age, gender, occupation, educational level, or position in life, each of us touches and influences other lives. In this book, rated 5 stars on Amazon, I present a powerful overview of the concepts of Balanced Leadership and how each of us as leaders in our own way can make a difference and Leave Our Legacy.

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Help your team become more effective and take on bigger and more significan challenges. The 3SIXTY business leadership training team brings decades of experience in our partnership with you to tailor comprehensive leadership development curriculum for your team members and train them on skills that will transform your organization.

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