ACCEPTING YOUR ROLE And all that goes with it

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Accepting your role is an important topic, not only when you are accepting a new position or additional responsibilities, but also an important one when changes are happening in your current position or inside the organization.

I believe there are 4 keys to this acceptance.

  1. Accept Your Leadership role and all that comes with it
  2. Set clear boundaries for all to follow
  3. Communicate effectively with everyone you lead
  4. Take action to get the results you want and need

Let’s discuss the actions steps you will need to understand, embrace and accept on your acceptance journey to success.

  1. You are the leader – the role model. The reality and this new reality must be reflected in your attitude, your approach, and most importantly, through your behaviors. Everything you do speaks to Who you are, What you stand for and What you will not compromise. This is especially critical during an organizational change.
    A) You are The Brand Ambassador
    B) You get things done through others
    C) You confer with your partners from other departments and functions
    D) You become familiar with organizational policies, procedures, and regulations to protect your people, your company and your family
    E) You become a learning machine and Lead by example. You avoid passing the buck and when it doubt, do the work to find the answer
  2. Brand Ambassador. You welcome all new people. Sit with all new management and review with them the values, the mission, and goals of the organization. You understanding the changes the organization is trying to make. You set the tone.
    A) Without a road map and a clear understanding of the “rules of the road”, it can be harder for employees to get to know where they need to go and where we need them to go.
    B) Understanding what you and the company expect from them and what they can expect from you is paramount to their success, the company’s success and ultimately your success. Be clear on the:
    1) Policies and Procedures
    2) Behaviors and Actions
  3. The Art of Communication is the language of Leadership
    A) Inform people of the things they need to do and need to know to do their jobs
    B) Instruct on what and how
    C) Learn what employees, customer and other departments need
    D) Clarify expectations, roles, and responsibilities along with time frames
    E) Coach the people in your care to help them learn, improve and grow
    F) Motivate your team to higher levels of performance satisfaction
    G) Receive and understand input, feedback, questions, and concerns
    H) Correct performance and behavior problems
    I) Commend and reinforce “ A Job Well Done”
  4. Act. Begin Somewhere. You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.
    A) Analyze the issues and or situation and collect and consider all available facts
    B) Consult with others. Collect information from everyone and at all levels affected.
    C) Tailor a strategy. Develop a written plan, a well-thought-out plan with timelines, specific activities and roles and responsibilities.
    D) Implement the plan and initiate the actions you have identified. Coordinate and oversee the plans going forward.
    E) Observe what happens and closely monitor activities and outcomes. Request progress reports on a timely basis.
    F) Navigate your way through necessary adjustments. Address obstacles and seize opportunities that surface

As you embrace your Role and Responsibilities it is important that you demonstrate resiliency and sound judgment in dealing with business and corporate challenges. Recognizing when a decision must be made and how you act in a considered and timely manner will be a skill that differentiates you from your peers. Finally, you will need to deal effectively with ambiguity and learn from your successes and failures.

Ultimately your success will be measured by the way you inspire others and the positive affects you have on their behavior. Your ability to motivate them to achieve personal satisfaction and high performance through a sense of purpose and cooperation will be the reward for both of you.

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