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As the proud graduate of St John’s University, a metropolitan university located in Queens and Staten Island NY and now a global university, I benefited from the cultural diversity, its intellectual and artistic resources and its unique professional educational opportunities.

The Art of Inspiration is all about chasing your dreams and my over 40-year career that began at St John’s is one of those journeys. Although no one has the only and exact answer, I believe the experiences, successes and failures helped me to find the recipe for success. All of us will have to overcome obstacles and transform our lives. My career has been no different and now, after a wonderful career, I enjoy the opportunity to inspire people to go after their dreams, no matter where they are in their life and career.

As a graduate of St John’s University, class of 1980 Staten Island campus, a predominantly commuter college, I was given the opportunity to work and pay my way through school. This is not a political viewpoint, a criticism or evaluation but a belief that hard work and enthusiasm are still critical components of success, whether in a big company or as an entrepreneur or in life in general. There is no substitute for hard work.

I received a call from St. John’s University’s Alumni director about their Professional Development Series. Their series provides online learning from top alumni and industry experts. The St. John’s Corporate and Foundations group hand-selects individuals who discuss topics for business professionals seeking professional growth and those interested in learning about the latest trends in their industries. I was honored to be selected and appreciated the opportunity to give back to the many alumni and business professionals who may find this conversation to be helpful.

I hope you enjoy the conversation, narrated by two-time Emmy Award winning supervising producer, Nicole O’Neal, from The Dr Oz and the Today Show. During our conversation we touched on many topics that I hope you will find helpful, educational, entertaining, and that will create some AHA moments for you.

Stay Tuned – 100 Day Plan Metrics

A plan is just a plan without a comprehensive system to measure results. That system can be as simple or as detailed as you like. But we must first decide what to measure, when to measure and how to measure. We’ll cover some valuable ideas and tips regarding 100 Day Plan metrics in our next newsletter.

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” You have a responsibility to model effective leadership along with honest and ethical
behavior to the employees you represent. Open and honest communications and visibility
are an important element of trust. Make sure you are available to your people and visible
in your operations or department.”

Rocky Romanella


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