Rocky Romanella, Sr. Partner at 3SIXTY, shares a popular story he often includes in his keynotes:

It’s my experience that the best leaders thoughtfully manage their business based on the principals of Balanced Leadership. This is where we, as leaders, walk the talk. Where we:

  • Think like a customer by approaching each challenge as a true solutions provider. By watching you, your people need to embrace this concept so your people think like a customer in all they do. They consider the business from the eyes of the customer and this guides their decisions and actions.
  • Feel like a valuable contributor by knowing your work and your team’s work matters and never compromising on safety. When you feel valued, you are empowered. You make smart decisions. By doing so, you create an uncompromising culture of integrity, honesty, respect and service.
  • Act like an owner by understanding the business and your role in what leads to success. When you consider this business as if it’s your own, you pay careful attention to all of the above – your customers and people – and more.

I believe the Balanced Leadership philosophy along with eight drivers of success that are relative to all businesses. I called them the Big 8. They are key drivers of success that can become the roadmap of success for a business.

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