Being Obsessed with the Front-line

The objective of the “Being Obsessed with the Front-line” training offered by 3SIXTY is to develop an understanding on how to take your front-line employees from awareness to engagement to ownership. This training will introduce a road map for mid-level and C-level leaders to maximize talent at all levels of the organization and produce a culture of inclusion, which will lead to improved business outcomes.

The context of our training program includes a road map in five key areas:

  1. Creating a communication strategy that helps employees become “aware of the big picture”. This strategy will include the tactical approach and method of developing an environment that creates an excitement for information on the direction of your organization.
  2. The “art of engagement” which begins with building relationships that allow employees to develop and grow no matter their role in the organization. These relationships will enable you to hear the BAD news before an issue becomes a major problem.
  3. Having an organization of employees that “act like owners” who are obsessed with the growth and well-being of the organization. It starts with examining commitment from an individual perspective and then leads to the development of work teams that leverages synergies from “one-to-many” in an organization.
  4. The ability of sticking with it is always a challenge in any attempt to shift a culture, or to change a process. The focus on “change sustainability” will map out the strategy that introduces the concept of champions taking ownership on specific parts of the plan.
  5. “Reflection” focusing in on how to stop, pause and move forward. This includes keeping what is working and continuing to redefine what “Being Obsessed with the Front-line” truly means.

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