Bring Rocky’s book and principles into your organization with our facilitators and speakers that fit various budgets and types of events.

Transform Your People

Is it possible for your company to grow and develop if your people don’t grow and develop their business leadership traits?

Help your team become more effective, and take on bigger and more significant challenges. The 3SIXTY business leadership training team brings decades of experience in our partnership with you to tailor comprehensive leadership development curriculums for your people and train them on skills that will transform your organization.

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3SIXTY team training & development takes a balanced approach

Our skilled business leadership trainers tailor instructional learning with business leadership traits to prepare your team for success. Grounded in our Balanced Leadership Modelsm we help you address such issues as:

Executive Business Leadership Training

Is your executive team operating from the same playbook?

Company growth starts from deep within an organization, being predicated by how much executive business leadership training you’re willing to invest into your employees. At 3SIXTY Management Services, we’ll partner with you to ensure your up-and-coming company leaders are instilled with the right leadership traits and training.

Onboarding & Leadership

Does your management team emulate your company vision?
Do your new employees thoroughly understand their role?

In just one- or two-days 3SIXTY’s hands-on workshops increase leadership and practical business leadership traits that span 15 core areas. We work with you to identify issues to be used in the exercises, bringing to life the learning that will take your organization from good to great.

Sales & Service Effectiveness

Does your staff think like a customer?
Do your associates at all levels feel like valued contributors and act like owners?

Our Balanced Leadership Modelsm brings a holistic approach to sales and service training. Our seminars take your people on a business leadership development training  journey where they emerge focused on selling and serving the right mix of products to the right customers.

Your business training team at 3SIXTY

Your team training & development program begins with an assessment of your training needs which leverages decades of experience. This assessment guides our work with you in customizing the content and developing the comprehensive curriculum needed for your specific situation. Each member of our team provides the experience, guidance and follow-through required to help you successfully develop your people:

Rocky Romanella

Senior Partner at 3SIXTY

Rocky, a top motivational keynote speaker, captivates students with his real-world leadership examples. Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, Rocky develops your team’s leadership skills to master complex challenges & capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Ed Pyke

3SIXTY Marketing & Strategy

Ed drives learning with interactive problem-solving activities, discussions, and case study analysis. Your team will gain important insights into the process of value creation and the management tools for sustaining and securing a share of the value created.

Chris Micolucci

3SIXTY Strategic Communications

Chris helps develop your team’s ability to engage. Whether it’s a face-to-face conversation or a professionally written e-mail exchange, a meaningful message entails establishing a connection that leaves a powerful impression.

Jim Liggett

3SIXTY Business Management

Jim has served as Professional Faculty in the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University. Jim has conducted over 200 training programs on topics such as: diversity, professional relationships, management, people development and the art of public speaking. He has a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Management.

Neddy Perez

3SIXTY Global Human Capital

Is considered one of the 10 most influential global diversity leaders by Global Diversity Magazine, and is an expert trainer and speaker passionately committed to diversity and talent, and organizational capabilities. Neddy holds a BS in Public Relations and an MS in Human Resources from NOVA Southeastern University.

Bill Klussman

3SIXTY Supply Chain, Logistics and Engineering

Bill is an expert in engineering, global logistics and distribution with over 30 years of solution process design. Bill helps teams map their strategic end-to-end process and helps them see supply chain interrelationships and disconnects.

Nick Kochek

3SIXTY Leadership Development

Nick is our foremost expert in leadership development having spent much of his 37-year UPS career developing all levels of management from first-line supervisors to the C-suite. Nick holds an MBA from California Southern University and is a certified John Maxwell teacher, trainer and speaker.

“The leadership training offered by 3SIXTY Management Services was an excellent opportunity for our management team to develop their skills in the critical areas of responsibility and leadership that they face on a daily basis. The facilitators’ draw upon their extensive corporate experience to create a learning environment that’s appropriate for all levels of management. We recognized the need for this traditional training to support our fast-paced operating environment. In order for REVA to live up to our commitment to our clients, our patients, and our employees, we absolutely consider this a strategic investment in our people.”

Shannon Schell


Complimentary, confidential & with no-obligation

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“One of the few training sessions where you can feel a strong connection based on the service background of the instructors.”

Student, Corporate Training

“Top shelf instructors. Class Acts.”

Student, Onboarding Program

“Ed and Rocky were great. I would look forward to attending another of their workshops.”

Student, Leadership Workshop

“Learned a lot about myself. Found out certain weaknesses that I can address to improve my everyday operation.”

Student, Coaching & Advising