Creating a Unified Vision at an organization is an important component of success. It supports the execution of the brand promise to your customer, your commitment to your people and the results to your shareowners and stakeholders. The rule should be:

Our communications are pertinent and effective.

Through our communications and employee engagements you should seek to inform, educate and inspire employees in all business units, at all levels to understand and embrace the business and what it means to them and how they contribute to the Company’s goals.
Getting the right information to the right people at the right time and making it relevant is part of creating an effective communications culture. An employee’s manager or supervisor is the best and preferred source of information
The best strategy is to rely on your management team to be the primary conduit of information and it is essential to a strong working relationship. To be a great leader you must be a great communicator – it is how leaders inspire others to follow them. Good communicators are aware of both their verbal and non-verbal (e.g. body language) messages. They create a win-win experience because they ensure employees understand what is expected of them, which helps everyone perform at their peak.
Great companies reinforce these interpersonal exchanges by making supplemental information available to employees through alternate channels. Examples would be the use of – the Employee Portal, newsletters, flyers on bulletin boards and social media pages as alternate sources of employee communication and information.
Speaking to Customers with a Unified Voice On the flip side is customer communications. It is the same process of transmitting messages across a variety of channels (e.g. face-to-face encounters with employees, the image, and messages a company conveys on its website, in advertisements and across social media channels).
Some companies are so effective in their customer communications that it defines their brand. It is an essential part of their focus on service. Effective and thoughtful communication requires a thorough understanding of the needs and perspectives of our customers. Like your customer facing people, who after greeting the customer explain what the job will entail, they also must take the time to listen to the customer and ensure their entire needs are met to prevent rework.
This effective communication proves to your customers that you are committed to providing quality, efficient service to meet and exceed their expectations and earns your Company customer loyalty – one of the most important currencies a Company can possess.
Do Unto Others is What sets the tone and the platinum rule of communications – treat others as they want to be treated is what motivates your people to execute the Brand promise consistently. Keep that in mind in your daily interactions and be vigilant in the way you communicate to your manager or your employees, your customers and each other.
You should always do your best to constantly communicate the vision and mission and You SET THE TONE FRPM THE TOP. When we effectively communicate – with our customers and each other – we collectively act as one Company with one vision, one mission and one unique brand.

You then become Uniquely YOU

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