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Leadership is not a passive duty it is an active responsibility. You are expected to lead. This means providing people with the leadership they need to successfully reach their desired goals in concert with those in the organization.

You have a responsibility to model effective leadership along with honest and ethical behavior to the employees you represent. Open and honest communications and visibility are an important element of trust. Make sure you are available to your people and visible in your operations or department.

As you move through difficult periods on your way to success, do the ‘right thing’, take care of your customers, treat others with dignity and respect, celebrate successes and your reward will be, “The Leader of Choice.” You will create a place where your people will thank you for not letting them stray or compromise their values and ethics. They will be excited about other ways they can participate in successfully reaching their goals and those of the organization.

Valued individuals understand that Healthy discourse is disagreeing without being disagreeable


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