Great Leadership Is Setting The Tone From The Top

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Honesty Of Purpose And A Speech I Will Always Remember

I would like to share with you an experience I had as a CEO and Speaker that has been inspirational and provoking.

In my previous newsletters we have spoken about such important topics as values, ethics, and the leadership traits necessary to lead organizations through difficult times.

I have often asked the question during my tenure as a CEO, senior leader and in my Keynote speeches, “Who perpetuates an adaptive culture, a culture of inclusion, integrity and honesty of purpose?”

I believe it is each of us and it’s the responsibility of the Leader to Set The Tone From The top

We are each a vital part of the organization working in alignment with our purpose, mission, vision, and values embracing change to engage in something bigger and better than our present state.

I often think and reflect on one of my favorite, impactful visits and Keynote Speeches where I witnessed firsthand this exact concept in full splendor, which caused me to consider cultural parallels in my own business – businesses that I ran and those I help today.

I had the honor of speaking at the prestigious Valley Forge Military Academy & College (VFMAC) in Wayne, PA. The audience included the Corp of Cadets, their families, and other distinguished guests. Their monthly Chapel Service is part of the school’s platform to instill its Five Cornerstones into the hearts and minds of its young cadets. My topic was honesty. The day was filled with purpose; the venue was ensconced with a deep-rooted history and culture, and the dialogue centered on values. The ceremony included a “Regimental Review,” as all of the cadets marched past in harmonious synchronicity in their company formations. It was awe inspiring to witness such a diverse, young group of people singularly focused on perfection and excellence. I shared with the audience that one of my first observations as CEO of UniTek was the need to articulate a vision and mission, then define our company values. Honesty and trustworthiness became major factors in creating a new culture at UniTek. Though our young company at the time was not yet steeped in its own history and traditions, we were developing them.

I gave them our practices that we had just started to gain our cultural compass and practices and routine. For instance:

We begin all meetings with a Safety Share, Growth Tip and Policy Reading, which sets the tone for our culture and brings a consistent focus on Our Values.

We have appearance standards — both for staff functions and customer-facing employees – because we know our image conveys trust and professionalism

We regularly discuss Our Values across the enterprise as this helps ensure alignment in thought and action.

Forging a path to transform a Company for success will take dedication, hard work, enthusiasm, and commitment. All of these will be needed as we transform ourselves post pandemic.

To use a term from legendary UCLA Coach John Wooden, I believe in our “competitive greatness” because like the VFMAC cadets, we are focused and ready to face our future challenges with discipline, determination, and honesty of purpose.

I eagerly accepted that speaking engagement then and we should all embrace the challenges ahead because these opportunities provide a mutual learning experience and an opportunity to achieve competitive greatness.

It stands as one of the inspirational opportunities I had a chance to participate in as a speaker and admirer of the audience I was honored and humbled to speak with.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story. I hope it will create a few AHA moments for you and it serves for me a constant reminder that Values Matter and we live our values every day in all we do. Here are:

The Five Cornerstones that the VFMA is founded on:

Since their founding in 1928, they have used the Five Cornerstones as an approach to developing the whole person. These cornerstones have stood the test of time and remain central to the institution today.

Academic Excellence
It is the goal of our faculty to provide cadets the best possible education, equipping them with the critical thinking skills that will enable them to navigate the complexities of life. Many of our students graduate from VFMAC and use their knowledge to enroll in the most competitive universities–the most challenging, yet promising academic environments.

Character Development
Our education philosophy is grounded in developing cadets of the highest moral character, excelling in integrity, honesty, and service.

Personal Motivation
We inspire excellence in our cadets through teamwork, organizational pride, and setting and achieving personal goals.

Physical Development
Through physical education and athletic competition, each cadet learns the habits and attitudes necessary for lifelong physical wellness.

Cadets learn to become leaders by gaining a sense of individual responsibility and confidence in their own abilities as future citizen leaders.

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