High Performance Selling Program

The objective of the High-Performance Selling Program is to advance the skill sets of representatives by repositioning their status with prospects and clients from a posture of fulfilling or taking orders to that of a trusted advisor providing business solutions and supporting the client’s strategy and tactics.

The program includes a Sales Learning Roadmap focusing on six key areas:

  1. Shifting “sales objectives” from taking orders and reacting to a need to adding value and building business solutions.
  2. Achieving trusted advisor status includes developing “sales knowledge”, which includes not only product knowledge but also business knowledge and most importantly, customer knowledge.
  3. Developing “communications skills” from reacting and recommending to educating, facilitating and leading.
  4. Improving “sales management” skills from managing an account to managing the business opportunities of the client.
  5. Evolving the “customer relationship” from transactional sales and vendor supplier of choice to long-term business partnering.
  6. Transitioning the sales “success profile” from getting orders and growing the account to influencing measurable results and impacts on the client’s business.

I can include my  High-Performance Selling Playbook that is designed to support the sales training long after completion of the program.

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