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The title of our two-part newsletter series is “How to take your company from good to great.”

In our last newsletter Part 1, we answered the question; How would you define a “good” company, what does that look like? How would you define a “great” company, what does that look like?

In this week’s newsletter Part 2, we will discuss.
• How organizations navigate to greatness
• The five most important things one should know to lead a company from Good to Great.

In my view, leadership is about building a bridge to our future. You give your people the opportunity to help build that bridge to greatness by communicating and educating each one of them on your vision, strategy, and your roadmap on this greatness journey.

How organizations navigate to greatness is as follows:

YOUR ROADMAP documents what you expect to encounter along the route you’ve chosen. The mountains, the bridges, all the milestones that will show you you’re on the right path and can keep going.
YOUR STRATEGY IS THE PATH YOU CHOOSE to reach your destination. There will be many ways to get from point A to point B. Strategy is a choice. It’s the route you choose to take to the necessary exclusion of some other routes.
YOUR VISION IS A DESTINATION you can see on the horizon. It’s far away so you may not see it clearly, but it’s a real place. It’s the outcome you will see in the world in X years if you successfully advance the mission. Vision is renewed periodically as the more you progress towards it, you begin to see beyond to the next horizon.
YOUR MISSION IS YOUR COMPASS. No matter where you find yourself, it helps you navigate in the right direction. It’s your organization’s enduring purpose for being. Just like magnetic north, it doesn’t change.

My five critical components of success are:

1. Safety: Starts with each employee, where safety is first, last and always present. We take a proactive approach to identify and prevent safety issues through our safety training and education programs. We are committed and take responsibility of our own safety, those who are around us and those we transport.

2. Commitment: is what transforms the promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions and the actions which speak louder than the words. It is making the time when there is none. Commitment is the stuff character is made of.

3. Respect and Integrity role models: Consistency between words and actions; Lives his or her word; Establishes open, candid, trusting respectful relationships at all levels; Treats all people inside and outside fairly; Makes decisions that are effective rather than politically correct.

4. Leadership: We expect each employee to act as a leader, be responsible and accountable in their role within our organization.

5. Alignment: By changing our way of thinking and acting we will achieve unity, enhance performance, anticipate problems and identify opportunities for growth.

Read about how these principles were applied in the real world to take a
company from good to great in our next newsletter.

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