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The title of our two-part newsletter series is “How to take your company from good to great.”

Part 1. Let’s start with defining our terms. How would you define a “good” company, what does that look like? How would you define a “great” company, what does that look like?

Part 2. The five most important things one should know to lead a company from Good to Great.


Part 1. Defining the terms

As I think about the process of leading a great company, to me good is a point along the way on the journey to great. Good companies take time and reflect on the values and principles that guide them. Great companies build an uncompromising culture and legacy that generations will reference and aspire to be a part of. Greatness is a destination, and good is a milestone along the greatness journey.

During challenging times, and periods of rapid changes, good companies and leaders view consistency as their high-water mark. Great companies and leaders emerge from these difficulties a stronger and more competitive company positioned for remarkable success – like a phoenix.

In many cases good companies are in a maintenance mode and are happy with relative results, whereas great companies and leaders are initiative-taking, highly- motivated with a strong commitment to growing and having exponential results. Both companies are on their journey, Good inc., and Great inc., on their journey however, the road had a fork in it – an unimaginable detour. It was the course they were given; their only path to follow.

The road ahead is theirs to navigate. Good Inc. will manage tactfully and consistently. Great Inc. will be the Architects of Their Own Destinies. They will decide; What are the steps we will take to build back our company, what will our brand stand for in this evolving time and what will our brand promise be.

Good companies rely on what they know to do, Great companies prepare for what they will need to do. They understand they will need to understand their business, personal situations and customer responsibilities from these new perspectives and an understanding of:

• what we do well
• where there is opportunity to grow
• where there is opportunity with new customers in new markets that we have identified
• how we continue to build our lives both personally and professionally

With greatness comes the responsibility to understand and communicate the impact on outcomes and our destiny as a company and as leaders. It’s all about alignment and commitment.

Great companies understand you.

• Never allow anyone to affect you more than you can affect yourself.
• The Speed of The Leader, Determines the Pace of the Pack.
• Set the pace.
• Working Together Works!

See Part 2 in our next newsletter: The five most important things one should know to lead a company from Good to Great.

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