Competency Starter List
Team building/team effectiveness – defined as follows: Establishes a climate where team collaboration and effectiveness flourishes;
1.  Establishes constructive and solid interpersonal relationships;
2. Treats others with courtesy, tact and respect;
3. Works effectively with others, regardless of organizational level, background, gender, race or ethnicity;
4. Works to resolve disagreements, attempting to persuade others and reach agreements;
5. Supporting group decisions when group decisions are appropriate;                                                                                               6. Leads and facilitates team interaction and maintains focus on group goals.

Leadership Skills Inventory

Business Acumen – Understands and has experience in all functional areas of a business. Understands finance as the language of business and uses it to effectively monitor and improve business performance; knows how to utilize a Balanced Business Scorecard to augment financial planning; is credible with all stakeholders; Expert in all aspects of business planning and leads the management team in highly effective planning protocols.

Creative Problem Solving — Has excellent intuitive problem solving insight supported by proven problem solving methodology; Has an impressive documented history of correctly diagnosing complex business problems at all levels and creating solutions that deliver acceptable outcomes; Leads others to adopt highly effective problem solving processes.

Seasoned Judgment — Makes good strategic choices. Knows when and how to emphasize and balance the company’s long term strategic objectives; applies broad knowledge and experience when dealing with complex issues; defines and communicates strategy and goals clearly, makes timely tough decisions; Has great balance among operating — execution, cost and top line sales and marketing achievements.

Broad-based Leadership — Plays a variety of leadership roles (for example, driving, delegating, supporting, empowering, collaborating, and coaching) as appropriate; Inspires others to perform at their best; creates a climate that fosters personal investment and excellence; Sets and pursues aggressive goals; Drives for results; Creates both a learning and performance environment, High energy type that can lead a cultural change.

Communication/interpersonal skills — Expresses oneself effectively both orally and in written form; Great presentation and platform skills; Actively listens to others; At ease leading conversation in both business and social settings; Gains trust and respect from customers, employees, the Board and management team; Great seller of ideas; Effectively deals with conflict and stressful business situations; Treats others with respect and dignity; Often persuades others by being considerate of the needs and feelings of each individual; Promotes and builds a high productivity culture by valuing individual contributions; Always praises in public and criticizes in private.

Personal Integrity — does what is right for customers; role models consistency between  words and actions; Lives their word; Establishes open, candid, trusting respectful relationships at all levels; Treats all people inside and outside fairly; Makes decisions that are effective rather than politically correct.

Marketing and sales savvy– Has a nose for business opportunity; Broad experience with modern marketing and sales strategies; Has led marketing and sales change initiatives successfully including developing new markets and new product/service intros; Has led the development of creating a successful marketing and sales culture, Has documentable experience with a sales team in the field; Has a history of growing the company top line through organic sales. Experience working strategically with marketing and sales executives; Understands how to develop compelling value propositions to support marketing and sales strategies; Understands the principles of market opportunity analysis; Experience with sophisticated consultative selling processes.

Manage Customer Relationships — Works effectively with both internal and external customers; Knows how to gather and analyze customer data to discover business opportunity, continuously improve customer value, cement customer retention, and develop competitive advantage; Understands how to utilize customer relationships to identify high potential business opportunities  and create innovative products/services that create first mover advantage.

Documented Track Record — Has a record of relevant achievement that demonstrates success in leading in a dynamic, volatile, environment; Experience should include successful acquisition, and related integration or cultural shifts; Gets things done; Capable of leading.

Focus on Results — Holds subordinates accountable for successfully managing critical projects; Identifies and reacts to outside forces that may impact or alter the company’s strategy or business outcomes; Reacts quickly and establishes a course of action to drive desired results; Identifies barriers to project success, creates a way forward and implements a measurement process to monitor progress.

Leadership Development/Succession Planning — Insists that relevant learning takes place at every level as a condition of employment; Has a developmental leadership model defined and has successfully implemented a developmental strategy and process; Knows how to motivate and inspire high potentials to commit to a development process; Acts as a leadership role model, mentor and coach; Empowers employees by giving them the authority to get things accomplished in the most efficient and timely manner; Provides candid and helpful performance feedback to direct reports on a regular basis both formally and informally; Ensures that performance feedback is an integral part of every supervisors/managers daily job responsibility; Insists that leaders accept developing subordinates as a major job requirement; Has a history of developing written succession plans and mobilizing company resources to support the plan.


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