Leadership Roles

During our Keynote we will learn and practice a specific set of skills aimed at developing your role as a leader.

Listed below are four roles of an effective supervisor or manager. Your ability to master these will help you become an effective leader for your organization.

Good Communicator:

  • Conduct effective discussions
  • Connect with employees
  • Use encouraging skills
  • Actively listen
  • Ask high-gain questions Job

Skills Developer:

  • Trains his or her team
  • Always ensures safety
  • Coaches
  • Counsels
  • Provides meaningful feedback
  • Delegates
  • Effectively handles objections
  • Understands importance of diversity and inclusion
  • Steadfast commitment to ethics, values and integrity

Customer-focused Service Provider:

  • “Thinks Like a Customer”
  • Builds a customer-focused team
  • Overcomes organizational barriers

Accountability Owner:

  • Understands company goals
  • Develops and executes plans for measurable results
  • Ensure safety is never compromised
  • Leads versus tells
  • Counsels effectively to improve performance

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