Want to hear leadership lessons from the former President of UPS Global Supply Chain Systems? A former CEO and now business founder? Someone who is humble, experienced, and really cares about leaving a legacy? Then you MUST hear my interview with Rocky Romanella! I have already implemented some of his wisdom into my business life and am so excited to share his message with you! Listen at:https://www.ottoradio.com/podcast/the-leadership-coaching-group

One of the lessons our favorite businessman Joe Scafone shares with his readers in TIGHTEN THE LUG NUTS: THE PRINCIPLES OF BALANCED LEADESHIP by 3SIXTY Founder and Senior Partner Rocky Romanella is to develop many touch points along the way with your people, customers, and the community. Doing so broadens your perspective and experience. Healthy dialogue both removes barriers and imparts wisdom. Debate and discussion ignites creativity and compassion.

The 3SIXTY team thanks the following journalists, producers and programs for their thoughtful interviews and discussions with Rocky Romanella.

Looking for some balance in your business? Throughout the years Rocky Romanella has had great leadership positions and is sharing those principals in his new book. Like Rocky says the speed of the leader determines the pace of the pack.
Rocky Romanella’s 40 years of experience in leadership and he wrote a book “Tighten The Lug Nuts, The Principles of Balanced Leadership” and explores why true leaders can add value as a trusted advisor, mentor and visionary who uses a process approach to lead its the organization its people to new levels of success.

Rocky Romanella from 3Sixty Management Services, specializing in sustainable results and Balanced Leadership training for businesses joins Enterprise Radio. Rocky discusses how balanced leadership will make your business thrive.
Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Rocky Romanella discuss the following:
Tell us what led to you to found 3SixtyManagement Services.
What inspired you to write your book, Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership?
Can you explain the concept of Balanced Leadership to us?
In your opinion, what are the fundamental ingredients of success?
How do you balance family life and your work commitments?