MaturePreneurial: Host Elaine Benoit features successful entrepreneurs who started businesses after 40, for this reason we asked them to share their success and failure and their advice to others on how best to start a new business . With this in mind listen to Elaine interviewing Rocky about his first book Tighten the Lug Nuts and Why Values Matter.


Understand the business and role you must take to be successful. When you consider this business as if it’s your own, one pays careful attention to all customers, competitors, the market, co-workers. Provide people with the leadership they need to successfully reach their desired goals accordingly with the organization.

Gain Lessons from the former President of UPS Global Supply Chain Systems.  Listen and Learn from a former CEO and now business founder. Be mentored by someone who is humble, experienced, and really cares about leaving a legacy. If this sounds good, Then you MUST hear my interview with Rocky Romanella! I have already began using his wisdom into my business life and am so excited to share his message with you! Listen at:https://www.ottoradio.com/podcast/the-leadership-coaching-group

One of the lessons our favorite businessman Joe Scafone shares with his readers in TIGHTEN THE LUG NUTS: THE PRINCIPLES OF BALANCED LEADESHIP  is to develop many touch points along the way with your people, customers, and the community. Doing so broadens your perspective and experience. Healthy dialogue both removes barriers and lends wisdom. Debate and discussion ignites creativity and compassion.

Looking for some balance in your business?

Rocky Romanella has had great leadership positions and is sharing those principals in his new book. Rocky says the speed of the leader determines the pace of the pack.
In “Tighten The Lug Nuts, The Principles of Balanced Leadership” learn why true leaders can add value as a trusted advisor, mentor and visionary.

Rocky Romanella specializes in results that are achievable. Balanced Leadership training for businesses joins Enterprise Radio. Rocky discusses how balanced leadership will make your business more successful.
Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Rocky Romanella discuss the following:
3SixtyManagement Services and what inspired Rocky to write his book, Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership and much more!

The Principles of Balanced Leadership

As your company is growing into a performance-driven business it will be connected by the principles of Balanced Leadership. In detail, learn the Balanced Leadership Model in this Podcast.

Being an authentic leader

The time you spend with your people is an investment. As a matter of fact, you cannot successfully grow the business without an investment in people.

George Wilder Jr. talks with Rocky about his book, Tighten the Lug Nuts

Developing a strong culture is important to your company’s long-term success and growth. Furthermore, Successful Senior Leadership Team always look to create the Best, the Brightest, Most Informed and Best Educated management team in the industry.

Antonio Holman talks with Rocky about his book,      Tighten The Lug Nuts

Almost everyone has concerns about Leadership. Leadership applies to everyone.  No matter our age, gender, occupation, educational level, or position in life, each of us touches and influences other lives.