Introduction to Processes that Perform will start with the Quality Improvement Process (QIP). We will also discuss the measurement system that will support the  service and cost improvement goals needed in your organization.

QIP is an organized approach to problem solving; this process is time tested and yields excellent results.

The business climate, in general, has changed in recent years and months and all  businesses must reassess their processes, procedures and business continuity.  We all face new challenges, shifting market dynamics, and a growing demand for better service and product quality on the part of customers along with new safety concerns.

The QIP measurement system is closely aligned with current conditions, customer’s goals, desires and wants and employees’ needs, along with the long-term corporate vision. As we deal with the changing marketplace, your core business still drives your revenues and cost. Many of these operations deal with adversity on a daily basis but need to improve their outputs in the areas of service and cost. The problem with operations not improving, or even losing ground to the adversity in their operations, contributes to the failure of not achieving their business plan.

The team approach has a proven track record to improve some of the most challenging operations. This same team approach is needed today in many critical operations in all businesses. In order to bring your tools up to the speed in your business, we believe the Quality Improvement Process and Team Approach will be the Process you will need to Perform.

Team QIP (TQIP) is our organized approach to problem solving, using a cross-functional team to provide solutions and opportunities to resolve true problems in an operation.

With TQIP, we can confidently help improve any operation by attacking and fixing some of the core problems facing them in the areas of service and cost.

Some questions to answer prior to beginning the process and how to identify the operations to work with:

  • Team QIP can be used when leadership determines that an operation or function is:

a.) Not improving or decreasing in the areas of service and cost, or

b.) Has a major impact on the business plan.


Start-Up Procedure:

  1. Checklist: This checklist is to be used by the Operational Excellence Manager, to ensure that all persons involved in the Team QIP process understand their responsibilities.
  2. The Operational Excellence Manager and or Business Leader will use this checklist to control the following:
  3. Responsibility; is a brief description of what the person needs to complete, and the forms required.
  4. Who is the person directly responsible for completing this activity. 3. Date Reviewed is the date the Operational Excellence Manager gave and explained the Team QIP control form/worksheet to the person responsible.
  5. Date Completed is the date all items listed on the control form/worksheet have been completed.

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