Should I Stay or Should I Go in 2024

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This is a question we wrestle with often in both our personal and professional lives. Once we answer that question – do we stay, or do we go? – it will unlock the view of our next steps. I have always been a “We Should Go” person. This sets the wheels in motion and will begin to develop a compelling vision and strategy for the organization and its units going forward. We will need to understand both the short-term and long-term view, and the view of both the organization’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities

In our last newsletter, we discussed the topic of “Where Do We Go From Here?” and your approach. We have also talked about the Value of the 100-Day Plan. The 100-Day Plan is the vehicle to drive your vision and strategy.

In this newsletter, we answer the question, “Do We Stay, or Do We Go?” with the view of “Going!” I would like to talk about the importance of the strategic questions to ask yourself and your team. These will be the foundational pieces, and how you answer these questions will impact your strategy, vision, and approach that will be executed through the 100-Day Plan and beyond.

Here are some examples of the questions you can ask yourself or your team as you begin the implementation process of the 100-Day Plan.

* Am I, (are we), a business and/or leader who initially went through years of successive growth but have now reached a standstill?

* Are we in a critical year of our strategic plan?

* From our experience, do we have the right approach on how to boost growth and “restart our revenue engines”?

Another soul-searching question to ask yourself and your team prior to the implementation of the 100-Day Plan is, “Do We Have Organizational Agility?”

* We know, respect, and leverage the company culture and assets.

* We lead integrated change within a business unit to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

* We utilize teams intentionally and appropriately to focus leaders on building an enterprise that creates profit and generates business with the ultimate objective of delivering an attractive return on shareholder investment.

* We aim to develop leaders who can “see around corners” to anticipate changes in market conditions and proactively position the company for future competitive advantage.

* Finally, we must constantly remind leaders that the company expects sound judgment from those in whom it places trust and that this should be demonstrated to all through their actions.

Traditionally, a new year gives us an opportunity for a fresh start, but there are times during the year when we need a jump start. However, like New Year’s resolutions, the best-laid business plans can easily be forgotten when we get caught up in the day-to-day activities that require us to put out fires and wrestle with ongoing business challenges. Armed with the answers to these questions and an approach you have vetted with your team, the 100-Day Plan is the vehicle, the blueprint for an implementation process that is both powerful in approach and elegant in its simplicity. It is your answer to the question, “Do we go?

“The 100-Day Plan is based on my concept of Balanced Leadership. The three components in Balanced Leadership are your company’s customers, employees, and stakeholders. All of this is built on a framework that puts less emphasis on “doing things right” and instead focuses on “doing the right thing” for those three groups.

I am a believer in discipline, hard work, and enthusiasm. These are the components behind this plan, approach, and execution. It is also important to operate as efficiently as possible and with integrity, compassion, and goodwill. Finally, it is critical for a business and a leader to establish who you are, what you stand for, and what you will never compromise. It’s the foundation of the 100-Day Plan and what will get tested on the difficult days and periods of the business plan.

During these first 100 days with a methodical Balanced Leadership approach, you need to examine the current and future state of your three main constituent groups.

  1. How well are you delighting your customers and anticipating their needs?
  2. How engaged are your team members?
  3. Are your drivers of success on track to meeting earnings expectations?

Through the lens of Balanced Leadership, you will set the foundation with regards to expectations, focus, and culture. Your business plan will then determine what you wish to accomplish in the next 100 days; furthermore, it will determine your focus for monthly execution, serve as a blueprint for the execution of your team’s quarterly objectives, and reveal the yearlong program that will drive initiatives to enhance individual and team success.

I want to wish you, your family, and your organization a Very Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous 2024 and beyond. The speed of the leader determines the pace of the pack.
Now that you have decided to go, then Set the Pace!!




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