Success – What Does That Word Mean To You?

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During a recent interview which has been published in Street Insider, Market Minute on ABC News and NBC News Digital and International Business Times we discussed a wide range of topics. You can read the entire interview on our web site at https://www.3sixtymanagementservices.com/category/interviews/.

Here is one of the questions we discussed:
Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?
In my view, successful leadership is about building a bridge to the future. You give your people
the opportunity to help build that bridge by communicating and educating each one of them on
your vision and strategy.

Successful Leaders can quickly, accurately, and effectively assess:
• who they are
• what they stand for, and
• what they will never compromise

More importantly these leaders are always checking and verifying, does this match their vision
and strategy, and does it correspond to what your people, your customers and investors believe
to be your strategy, and consistently reflect the brand.

In summary the successful leader is the person who adds value as a trusted advisor, mentor and visionary who uses a process approach to lead the organization. A process approach allows your success to be consistent and enduring. It will elevate your people to new levels of success. Great organizations need to have a thoughtful vision and strategy. Great leaders need to combine that strategic vision with the ability to tactically execute the strategy.

Success is always leaving things a little better than you found them. Customers are better because of the interaction with your company, people are better because of the time they are with you, and shareowners and stakeholder are better because of your stewardship and leadership.

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” In my view the significant difference in the leaders who will successfully lead the rapid rebuild of their businesses is their honesty of purpose. It pertains to your motivation, to
 he pursuit of your goals and dreams. There is no substitute for hard work for the leader as you embark on this rebuild journey. But it is how you face it and the journey you take that speaks to your character. Your true character is defined by your honesty of purpose.

Your purpose is sacred and authentic. Honesty is what is at the core of your moral character. It is being trustworthy, loyal, fair, sincere, and true, even when it is difficult to be. It is not only how you create your values, but also how you add value to the lives of others.”
Rocky Romanella

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