The Balanced Scorecard

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In this newsletter, I would like to discuss the importance of THE BALANCED SCORECARD.
At its core, a balanced scorecard is a performance metric used to identify and improve various internal business processes and functions and their resulting external outcomes. Balanced
scorecards are used to measure and provide feedback inside your organization. Data collection is crucial to providing quantitative results as managers and executives gather and interpret the information and use it to make better decisions for the organization.
Here are some of the foundational values of a Balanced Scorecard as you build your
• Operational Excellence is a mindset of Process Based Management leading to continuous business improvement.
• The Balanced Scorecard is the mechanism for which we align individual and organizational goals.
• The Business Improvement Process is how management measures success and creates strategic and action plans to improve elements that are currently below goal.
• Review how the Balanced Scorecard approach supports your organizational vision.
• Development of a top-down approach that aligns the goals of the corporation with every individual within the organization.
• Review the Business Improvement Process and how it employs a Processed Based Management structure to identify measures that will drive bottom line results.
The best Balanced Scorecards create a top-down, bottom-up performance measurement process which aligns individual and organizational goals. The process includes a comprehensive reporting system, supporting quarterly business planning reviews and weekly profit center planning meetings reviewing results and determining corrective action plans for business
elements off goal.
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Interview – St. John’s University’s Professional
Development Series

I received a call from St. John’s University’s Alumni director about their Professional Development Series. Their series provides online learning from top alumni and industry experts. The St. John’s Corporate and Foundations group hand-selects individuals who discuss topics for business professionals seeking professional growth and those interested in learning about the latest trends in their industries. I was honored to be selected and appreciated the opportunity to give back to the many alumni and business professionals who may find this conversation to behelpful.
I hope you enjoy the conversation, narrated by two-time Emmy Award winning supervising producer, Nicole O’Neal, from The Dr Oz and the Today Show. During our conversation we touched on many topics that I hope you will find helpful, educational, entertaining, and that will create some AHA moments for you.

Click here to listen to the interview

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