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One of the biggest differentiators between good and great is the superior customer experience that is provided on a consistent basis. During every customer interaction, your reputation is on the line. Remember, as a leader, your customers are also the people in your care and supervision. They are your customers.

As you read through my book Tighten The Lug Nuts, I hope you will enjoy the stories, have some reflective moments, and continue to strengthen your leadership brand. If you were to begin each of the following thoughts with either “Have I made” or “Do I,” it might lead to some interesting conversations with yourself. If you were to use them for leadership self-evaluation, substitute “my people” for the word “customer” and vice versa. For example:

My Priority Is Customer Satisfaction: Whether on the phone, in person, or via electronic communication, genuinely interact and connect with customers; ensure a positive experience and exceed expectations.

Actively Listen to Customer Needs: Consistently demonstrate to customers you are in tune with their needs and are operating in their best interest. Customers know what they want but may not always explain it in a manner that is clear to you. Therefore, it is important to utilize effective listening skills. If you do not understand a request, ask clear, positively articulated questions until you understand. Do not rush customers; allow them at their own pace to discuss what they need. Once customers have expressed their needs, confirm your understanding with them to ensure communication is clear.

Build Strong Relationships: Providing value and listening are key components of any relationship. The foundation of strong relationships also includes being fair to customers and following through on your word. Make sure to ask for assistance from others when necessary to ensure proper follow-through and response. Treat every customer how you would like to be treated.

Learn the Products and Services: Part of providing a superior customer service experience is being knowledgeable about the services that are offered. Take the time to really learn your business so you can effectively communicate to your customers the services and value you provide.

Be Responsive and Effectively Resolve Problems: If a problem occurs, allow customers to fully explain the issue and convey empathy. If the fault lies with you or your organization, take ownership of it and apologize. Take the initiative to resolve problems in a timely and effective manner.

Remain Positive: Always show respect for your customers even if you find yourself in a challenging situation. Demonstrate professionalism and keep communication positive.

Express Gratitude: Expressing appreciation can go a long way. It can be as simple as thanking customers for their business and loyalty. Make sure they know we are grateful they choose to do business with us.

Creating a strong culture is critical to your and your company’s long-term success and growth. It should be your desire and that of your organization to create the Best, Brightest, Most-Informed, and Best-Educated management team in the industry. In the service business, people are the most important asset. The time we spend with our people is an investment in the future, not an expense or burden on our time. You cannot successfully grow the business without an investment in people. The best people create an organization where the internal and external customers are their best advertisement.




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