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As we spoke about in our last newsletter, no matter what your leadership role, you have a tremendous impact on your people. It’s all about alignment and commitment and the Tone You
Set From The Top.

We start with Our Values. They are the foundation from which everything we have to offer as a company is based – our processes, services, daily work actions and commitment to excellence.
Our Values, and our adherence to them, set the direction and establish the necessary culture for our organization to succeed.

Our Values and tone we set through our actions, words and deeds provide clarity about who we are as a company and a leader, how we will conduct ourselves, and how we wish to be viewed
by others. Again: who we are, what we stand for, what we aspire to be and what we will never compromise

What is equally important is Setting our Leadership Expectations.

We need to make sure our expectations are clearly defined, and each person in our care understands their roles and responsibilities and our leadership expectations. We are going to
revisit them often and formally as people join our organization, enter supervision or are promoted, because like Our Values, we must be consistent in the way we hold ourselves, our
peers, and our employees accountable.

The Leadership Expectations clearly define the expectations we have for our entire management team.

* Use only acceptable language when engaged in conversation with your staff and peers.
* Follow the rules. All our rules and policies apply to everyone.
* Provide open and honest communications.
* You are responsible to communicate important information and provide necessary accountability and oversight.
* Each year, the senior leadership team selects important measures, targets, and key priorities for the Company. You may add to these, ensuring they complement not contradict Company priorities; you are not authorized to delete any.
* Adhere to salary, promotion, and relocation procedures.
* Our Company should and will value diversity.
* We expect a level of communication where there are no surprises.
* Do not leave extended voicemails or unprofessional emails. Talk with the right person directly.
* We expect complete confidentiality of information. Avoid and put a stop to unnecessary gossip.
* Avoid situations where employees are given instructions or are led to believe that they should hold or hide information from Corporate or the next level of management.
* Your people will seek guidance from you. Take care of how and to whom you communicate. Seek counsel when you are unsure.
* Don’t get caught up in your position.

When it comes to providing leadership and setting expectations, and as the enterprise evaluates alternatives, and then commits to moving in one direction, the leadership team needs to accept
company decisions as their own and communicate that direction to their people with conviction.
You give away your authority when you say, they said, or senior leadership said. Understand and embrace the company’s decisions. Communicate often and well to ensure your people
understand and embrace change. It’s one of the easiest things you can do. It reflects positively on you. Soon you’ll find you are inspiring a deep-rooted commitment among all your people.

By understanding and embracing these expectations, you do not lose your individuality or opinion, but instead you become empowered.

I would love to hear what you think and would greatly value your input. Please give me your thoughts on this list and let me know what YOU would add to the list. Just drop me a quick email
at [email protected] with your ideas regarding LEADERSHIP EXPECTATIONS, and visit our web site at www.3sixtymanagementservices.com for more information on this topic (it’s one that can be a great Breakout session topic as well).

**STAY TUNED. In the next newsletter we will be discussing: Having The Difficult
Conversations We Need To Have.**
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Rocky Romanella
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