The Value And The Opportunity Of Game Changing Moments

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There have been hundreds if not thousands of movies built upon the premise of the “game changing moment.” Nothing is more thrilling than watching a screen hero rise up from seemingly unbeatable odds to fight back and win the day. We are enthralled when watching a sports team come from behind to win. Our most famous works of literature, our stage plays, our books and even many of the fairy tales we read to our children and grandchildren are built around the concept of some form of game changing moment. And while we might think that only superheroes, sports champions, brave soldiers or those with more training, better resources or nerves of steel can create those moments, that is not true. Today, only one person is required to step forward.


Today, you are in charge of creating your personal game changing moment. Regardless of the leadership role you play, whether it be in business, education or as a family member, the situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic requires that all of us overcome “Covid-19 fatigue”, step up, gather our resources and take charge. Though we might have been hit hard, knocked
down or faced some very difficult situations, we can see this situation for what it is – a temporary challenge, a bump in the road from which we can surely recover if we look at it as a game changing opportunity whose real value is to make us leaner, stronger and better than we were before.

Regardless of the role you play, we can help you do that.

Virtual Keynotes, Virtual Training, Support For Weekly Meetings And Calls

As you know we have held a number of very successful virtual keynotes, training sessions and weekly team meetings. The response has been amazing, exceeding all expectations. The calendar is filling up fast, so contact us today for more information at [email protected]

Topics For Discussion In Virtual Meetings

We have been discussing the importance of the 23 Leadership Competencies. Any or all of them will be appropriate for virtual meetings, talks or presentations.

In the last few newsletters we covered the first 20 of these concepts (if you missed them, they are available on our website at 3sixtymanagementservices.com). As we turn our attention to the way forward, I would like key in on the final 3 Leadership Competencies.

For more in-depth information and treatment of these topics you can visit our podcast page.

Entrepreneurial Spirit – entrepreneurial is used to describe someone who makes money by starting their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity and taking risks. Entrepreneurial spirit is a way of approaching situations where you feel empowered, motivated, and capable of taking things into your own hands. It is about seeing the big picture and thinking like an owner. To have an entrepreneurial spirit, you need people who think anything is possible and have the tenacity to accomplish it.

Organizational Agility in Difficult Times – knows, respects, and leverages the organizations culture and assets to navigate the difficulties. Leads integrated change within a business unit to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Utilizes teams intentionally and appropriately and understands the value of people as the greatest asset of an organization. Understands the need to develop leaders who can “see around corners” to anticipate changes in market conditions and proactively position the company for future competitive advantage especially during the disruptions. Includes this fundamental competency to remind leaders that the company expects sound judgment from those in whom it places trust, and that this should be demonstrated to the staff.

Versatility is a Key Leadership Trait. Managers must have the capacity to read and respond to change with a wide repertoire of skills and behaviors. Solicit feedback from trusted colleagues. Ask yourself, “What should I start doing, stop doing, or continue doing to be a more effective teammate?” Evaluate and assess to your strengths and weaknesses. Learn some new habits from people you respect. Be open to colleague who has different strengths than you. Your goal is to learn to see things from their perspective and have an open mind. Your goal be a more flexible, open, and versatile leader.

Tighten The Lug Nuts – A Roadmap For The “Rapid Rebuild”

If you are looking to position your organization for hyper growth coming out of the pandemic, I can be that fresh voice on your calls. I will take key learnings from the book, Tighten The Lug Nuts, to position your organization to hit the ground running as you rapidly rebuild your business.

Tighten The Lug Nuts is loaded from cover to cover with practical information that can help leaders become more effective, more productive, and more successful. It is not just another “business leadership book.” The deceptively simple concepts, with powerful “How To Messages“ can be utilized by anyone who holds a leadership position – parents, educators, and others. More information is available at http://www.tightenthelugnuts.com.

As a special incentive for those who are ready for a Rapid Rebuild, I will be offering meeting calls at no charge for those who purchase 20 or more copies of Tighten The Lug Nuts. Get a copy for every member of your team.

Contact Rocky for details at [email protected], and or 610-322-0720 to schedule your session.


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