The Value Of Breakout Sessions

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As a Keynote Speaker I clearly understand my responsibility to set the “key note” for the conference or event. I accept this responsibility, as I did as a business leader and CEO, to
inspire and unify an audience with a common purpose. I enjoy preparing for the conference by learning about the conference goals and direction. For me, meeting the attendees prior to my keynote is a highlight and helps support and provide direction for the conference purposes and goals. My goal as a leader was to set the tone from the top and as a keynote speaker the same
is true; to set the tone for the event and help launch a conference with clarity.
As much as I enjoy the honor and responsibility of being a Keynote Speaker, I thoroughly enjoy leading and participating in Breakout Sessions. A well-organized breakout session is a
perfect opportunity for attendees to share ideas or observations or even raise questions that they might not otherwise share or be able to discuss in greater details in the larger group settings.
Event breakout sessions are valuable tools and must be treated with the same energy, preparation and planning as the Keynote Speech and must be focused and purposeful.
Without a clear objective, they are timewasters at best, and sources of frustration at worst—for the participants who were looking to be inspired and dig deeper into a topic.
Breakout sessions can be done Live or Virtually, and we have an extensive library of Breakout
Topics on our web site https://www.3sixtymanagementservices.com/leadership-competencies/.
With over 30 topics in our current Breakout Session library, we can also build a unique breakout session with a topic that supports your conference.
It is an honor to be chosen as a Keynote Speaker and an honor to host a Breakout Session as well.

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” As you move through difficult periods on your way to success, do the ‘right thing’, take
care of your customers, treat others with dignity and respect, celebrate successes and
your reward will be “The Leader of Choice.” You will create a place where your people
will thank you for not letting them stray or compromise their values and ethics. They will
be excited about other ways they can participate in successfully reaching their goals and
those of the organization.”
Rocky Romanella
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