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It is quickly approaching a year of managing our lives and businesses through a pandemic. I know we all have taken to heart our new business realities. Not only are our companies in the midst of change with these realities and new expectations, so are the industries as a whole changing and adapting

This last year has brought many challenges and volatile earnings. One way to begin the process of building back revenue and gaining stability is recognizing the need to go deeper and wider with current customers and the new customers in new industries by leveraging all of our resources where we can.

We have got to get our current earning trend, which has been on a downward trajectory, to quickly rise and become stable and consistent throughout the coming year.

To do this quickly and effectively, everyone in our organization must compete for Market Share. We must be viewed by our customers not as an APPROVED VENDOR but instead as a TRUSTED ADVISOR.

If we cannot change this view of our relationship, we risk being commoditized. Price becomes a significant differential, and it can become a race to the bottom. We all must all work on our MARKETING & SALES SKILLS and become MARKETING & SALES SAVVY.

What are the skills of a market savvy individual and/or company?Here are some of them. How would you rate yourself and your company on these skills and
attributes ?

• Has a nose for business opportunity?
• Broad experience with modern marketing and sales strategies
• Can lead marketing and sales change initiatives successfully including developing new
markets and new product/service intros.
• Lead the development of creating a successful marketing and sales culture.
• Has documented experience with a sales team in the field.
• Has a history of growing the company top line through organic sales?
• Experience working strategically with senior level marketing and sales executives.
• Understands how to develop compelling value propositions to support marketing and sales
strategies; Understands the principles of market opportunity analysis.
• Experience with sophisticated consultative selling processes


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The Virtual Book Club

Settling down with a great book allows you an escape—and the space to contemplate ideas that might have never crossed your mind or to explore the “What If question?”

But while reading a new book in the privacy of your own home is often a great way to relax and promote self-education. In a Virtual Book Club setting, with the right books you can promote learning and development in a fun, conversational, and educational way. And sometimes you just want to discuss what you have read with another person—or two—to bring those ideas off the page and into the world. A book club, even a virtual one can create a sense of community.

I am offering my time to help anyone who would like to start a business book club in their organization. My personal offer to get started: You purchase my book, Tighten The Lug Nuts, as
your first book or as one of your books and I will dial in free of charge as a thank you for purchasing the book. I will facilitate the discussion about the book, a chapter, or a concept. I can also help recommend books for future reading, etc.

I hope you take me up on my offer to start your book club at your place of business as they are a serious employee development opportunity that provides benefits for the employee—and for the employer when it is implemented with care.

In your book club, your employees can learn new concepts and new ways of doing activities that they can apply in their workplace. We can develop a consistent set of book club discussion
questions which will enable employees to apply the concepts on the job. Finally, we can build a book club that:

• builds camaraderie, comfort, and teamwork in the group of employees who attend. It is a
team-building activity that works as well as the ones in the traditional settings and can
flourish during virtual times.

• employees learn the same concepts as, by reading the same book, they share the same language, and they hear the same ideas. It makes the application and adoption of the ideas and concepts more easily and seamlessly into the workplace.

• The book club gives employees the opportunity to step up and practice leadership roles such as leading a group discussion or presenting to provide an overview of a chapter.

• You can help your organization become a learning organization in which people continuously grow and develop.

Select Tighten The Lug Nuts as your first book and I will offer my time to participate in your book club free of charge as a thank you for your purchase at TightenTheLugNuts.com, to demonstrate my commitment to training and development.

For additional information, or to speak with me directly, call 610-322-0720 or email me at [email protected] or visit TightenTheLugNuts.com.

” In my view, leadership is about building a bridge to our future. You give your people the opportunity to help build that bridge by communicating and educating each one of them on your vision and strategy.”
Rocky Romanella


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