Virtual Conferences and Meetings May Be The New Normal

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Has Your Conference, Training Session Or Meeting Been Cancelled? Get Your Team Ready
For A Rapid Rebuild:

Virtual Keynotes, TrainingSessions and support for your Weekly Conference Calls are Now Available

Unfortunately, many of us have been forced to cancel our annual meeting, training sessions and conferences. The pandemic is not yet completely behind us. Nevertheless, now is the time to begin planning for a Rapid Rebuild of our economy, our businesses, and our lives. It is possible to start the rebuilding process today. To help accomplish this, I would like to announce that virtual keynotes, training sessions and support for your weekly team calls are now available.

I can also add a new voice on your weekly calls with your teams. If you are looking to position your organization for hyper growth coming out of the pandemic, I can be that fresh voice on your
calls. I will take key learnings from the book, Tighten The Lug Nuts, to position your organization to hit the ground running as you rapidly rebuild your business.

I have started this process and the reception has been inspiring, the dialogue rewarding, and the enthusiasm has exceeded expectation. You will want to schedule today as the calendar is filling up fast.

Tighten The Lug Nuts is loaded from cover to cover with practical information that can help leaders become more effective, more productive, and more successful. It is not just another “business leadership book.” The deceptively simple concepts, with powerful “How To Messages“ can be utilized by anyone who holds a leadership position – parents, educators, and others. More
information is available at http://www.tightenthelugnuts.com.

As a special incentive for those who are ready for a Rapid Rebuild, I will be offering meeting calls at no charge for those who purchase 20 or more copies of ‘Tighten The Lug Nuts’.

Contact Rocky for details at [email protected], and or 610-322-0720 to schedule your session.

Here is a quick example of the types of conversations and topics we can discuss.

How can I add value to the RAPID REBUILD PROCESS?

I believe you can add immediate value in your current position by having a process mind and approach, with a strategic vision and the ability to execute tactically the strategy. Your organization will need you to help develop that strategy, build a business plan, and execute that plan.

You will need to provide clear communication and walk the talk. We will need to teach our teams to learn to take better control of their day and balance multiple priorities, measuring and following-up for continuous improvement, and accepting responsibility for their P&L. As we enter this new phase of the Rapid Rebuild, we will need to assess quickly and effectively:

Who we are,

What we stand for, and

What we will never compromise

Companies’ will need to deliver advanced technologies, operational excellence and safety protocols through their dedicated people who are the best, brightest, most informed, and best
educated in their industry.

We must thoughtfully manage our business based on the principals of Balanced Leadership. This is where we, as leaders, walk the talk. Where each of us:

Thinks like a customer by approaching each challenge as a true solutions provider. By watching you, your people need to embrace this concept so, your people think like a customer in all they do. They consider the business from the eyes of the customer and this guides their decisions and actions.

Feel like a valuable employee by knowing your work and your team’s work matters and never compromising on safety. When you feel valued, you are empowered. You make smart decisions. You know you can talk to your manager and ensure your people know they can talk to you. By doing so, you create an uncompromising culture of integrity, honesty, respect, and service is a safe environment. We will need to embody the Open-Door Policy by being approachable and ensure we never find ourselves in the position we are emerging from.

Act like an owner by understanding the business and your role in what leads to success. When you consider this business as if it is your own, you pay careful attention to all of the above – your customers and people – and more

I believe in the Balanced Leadership philosophy along with 8 drivers of success that I believe is relative to all businesses.

I call them the Big 8. They are equally important and in no particular order. They are, however, key drivers of success that become the road map of success for a business.


Safety as a core value

Diversification of a customer base and growth organically

Increase Return on Invested Capital (R.O.I.C)

Reduce debt to improve operational leverage

Continuous improvement of the capital structure

Generate free cash flow

Less volatile earnings

Be the best people in the industry


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Be Safe. Let The Journey Begin

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. – Francis of Assisi

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