What Are The Traits Of A Successful Leader?

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Our Podcast will focus on Leadership and Legacy as we create AHA moments from my book,
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Past episodes include:
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In this newsletter let’s discuss a process to answer that question in a way that helps you manage, evaluate, and develop the people in your care and supervision. Let’s start the process
with the question: What are the traits of a successful leader?

This question is a great conversation starter. When you Google the word, successful, there are many definitions. I like the simple but effective one – accomplishing a desired aim or result.

Traits is a word that when applied to a person or things maybe different but in our case this definition fits nicely; a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically one belonging to a person.

When we put them together in our question, What are the traits of a successful leader, we recognize that a process is needed to create a consistent approach that our people will view as
fair as we evaluate their skills and performance and develop their career development plans.

Since there are no absolutes in a discussion like this, I believe each of us starts with their own definition of a successful leader, and then defines the traits that are the qualities, attributes and skills that help get them there.

So here is my definition as a starter of the conversation; yours will reflect your vision of a successful leader.

I believe the definition of a successful leader can be summarized as a person who adds immediate value as a trusted advisor, mentor and visionary who uses a process approach to lead the organization and its people to new levels of success. Great organizations need to have a thoughtful vision and strategy. Great leaders need to combine that strategic vision with the ability to tactically execute the strategy through their people.

Leadership is not a passive duty it is an active responsibility. You are expected to lead. This means providing people with the leadership they need to successfully reach their desired goals in concert with those in the organization.

Think of it as your Leadership Mission Statement. Your mission is your compass. No matter where you find yourself in your distinct roles, it helps you navigate to the right direction. It’s your
enduring purpose as a leader and developer of people. Like a magnetic north it doesn’t change once you have established it.

The traits are the skills necessary to execute the mission and strategy. They are critical to your success on the journey you have constructed on the road map to success. I like to put them in a
list form under the headings of LEADS, EXECUTES, INNOVATES AND LIVES THE VALUES.
Your list will be uniquely yours and represents your views on the question –

What Are The Traits of a Successful Leader?

Here is my list:


• Explains the company vision
• Describes why each person is important
• Creates a climate for success for all
• Is visible – personal touch – walks around
• Builds a team that embraces diversity
• Celebrates and recognizes success


• Gives clear communication
• Transfers vision to action
• Is flexible and adapts to changing conditions
• Measures and follows-up for continuous improvement
• Balances multiple priorities
• Makes tough decisions
• Accepts responsibility
• Reports bad news


• Recognizes, creates opportunity
• Focuses on new ways to create solutions
• Embraces change
• Plays offense rather than defense
• Uses process, technology, and tools for results
• Doesn’t stop at the first right answer


• Believes in integrity and excellence
• Treats people with dignity
• Lives and builds a “we” culture; is humble
• Focuses on the customer
Finally, in my view, leadership is about building a bridge to the future for your organization and
your people. You give your people the opportunity to help build that bridge by communicating
and educating each one of them on your vision and strategy. Consistency will be critical to the
execution of your Leadership mission and having a consistent process to answer the question,
What Are The Traits of a Successful Leader, will be critical to your ability to lead your people in a
fair and equitable way.
The double check question to ask yourself along the journey is – do my actions match my vision
and strategy, and does it correspond to what my people believe to be my leadership mission
and strategy, and do I consistently reflect my leadership brand promise to them.

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