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Succession is a process of identifying, developing and transitioning potential successors for the
company’s present and future roles, aligned with the talent and ambition of its current employees
and talent network.

What are the goals of Succession Planning?

  • Prioritize people performance
  • Highlight the link between performance and business success
  • Identify potential leaders, talent opportunities and skill gaps within the business
  • Manage succession as leaders depart and establish business continuity
  • Increase accountability for talent growth and assessment throughout the business
  • Provide a compelling career path within the organization
  • Aid recruiting and retention and be known as a business that develops leaders

Different succession processes can be used on a range from very simple and basic, to complex, very inclusive and comprehensive. At a basic level it is replacement planning, or planning for a
seasonal spike, that you are preparing and accounting for. The next level is where you start to look at identifying successors and develop successors in your organization. The comprehensive
step would be where you identify successors and construct a development plan for them, and you have identified these needs throughout the entire organization.

You can think and visualize this using the following graphic:

When planning your pivotal roles, they should be essential to the company’s future.

Examples are roles with:

  • Large span of control
  • Large budgetary responsibilities
  • Senior and strategic roles
  • Customer contact roles
  • Specialist roles

Finally, it is important to always begin these types of processes with a written, well-articulated Mission Statement. Your Mission Statement is your compass. No matter where you are in your organization’s growth or in your process, your mission statement helps you to navigate to get you back on course and to the right place.

Here is an example of a mission statement you can use for succession planning process.

  • As a company we have an unwavering commitment to providing superior service to our customers, we know our people are the key to our success.
  • We provide opportunities for employees to develop their careers and achieve their potential.
  • As an organization continuing to strengthen our competitive advantage, our goal is to consistently attract, develop and retain great employees who are proud to work for our organization
  • In addition, we are committed to promoting from within and are placing a large investment in training and development, reinforcing this commitment.
  • Our training and development programs include, but are not limited to, technical training, customer service training, mentoring, and management trainee opportunities. These ongoing initiatives will be expanding at a significant pace.

What are the hallmarks of an excellent succession planning process? I would say your process and approach.

Provides candid and helpful performance feedback to all individuals on a regular basis both formally and informally. Your organization ensures that performance feedback is an integral part
of every supervisor/manager’s daily job responsibility and is used to help identify the key employees that will take on your pivotal roles. As an organization and as part of leadership evaluations, you insist that leaders accept developing their people as a major job requirement and responsibility. Individuals should take great pride in the fact that they have a history of
developing people using written succession plans and are able mobilize the company resources to support the plan.


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