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We are pleased to announce the launch of our LEADERSHIP LIBRARY PODCAST. Our pilot episode was released December 2nd, with releases scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Morning coffee is one of the joys of life. When you add your Cup of Joe to your visit to the Leadership Library podcast, your morning coffee will add an educational, entertaining dose of leadership octane to your day!

Our Podcast will focus on Leadership and Legacy as we create AHA moments from my book, Tighten The Lug Nuts and my over 40 years of boots on the ground leadership experience. Great leaders challenge their people NOT TO STOP AT THE FIRST RIGHT ANSWER. Tighten The Lug Nuts and these visits to the leadership library will help you move past that first right answer. The detailed examples are organized in an educational and entertaining way to form a framework of real-world concepts. The book serves as a blueprint that can be easily applied by leaders, entrepreneurs, and all of us in our everyday lives. I hope you enjoy the shows! The format will allow us to approach concepts in 3 to 5-minute segments that are designed to fuel your day and your journey. This will include what we have been building to inspire innovative ideas and provide benefit to your business and your life journey. With these curated briefings, we hope to give our listeners inside access to what I have been researching, designing, building, thinking, and executing over these 40 years.

Past episodes include:
Ah Ha Moments
Balanced Leadership
Broad Based Leadership
Company Values
Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
Goal Setting
Leaving a Legacy
Personal Values
with many more topics on the schedule

I hope you enjoy your visit to the LEADERSHIP LIBRARY podcast at www.tightenthelugnuts.com and use www.tightenthelugnuts.com as your library pass, or visit https://www.buzzsprout.com/1484407 or Apple Podcasts.


Lets’ start with a few questions to ask yourself and consider:

  1. Do you understand the challenges you face?
  2. Do you understand your role in meeting these challenges?
  3. Do you recognize the importance of and how to invest in your people’s success?
  4. Do you understand the commitment needed and how to take ownership of your results?

As leaders, we want to help foster an environment where our people, and enterprise can be successful.

We all are familiar with IBM. They are a giant organization with close to 350,000 employees in over 170 countries. Some of us remember the days when the early PCs were IBM dominated. Then “PC clones” flooded the market with cheaper components, running the same Microsoft Windows software. In 1993, IBM posted the largest loss in the history of corporate America at the time: $8 billion. Then IBM shifted its focus to providing IT expertise and computing service to businesses. They are one of the premier examples of going deeper and wider with customers and change management. Because of their size, it took them 10 years to change, a luxury that must of us will not have.

Here’s an example of another company that successfully pivoted before it became as extinct as the telegraph. Where would Western Union’s 150 million retail and digital customers worldwide and over 600,000 agent locations in over 200 countries and territories be if they were still focused on the telegram and hadn’t embraced a changing industry? Like Western Union and IBM, we need to stay ahead of changing technology, changing marketplaces and sensitivity to managing a diverse workforce. We must be able to safely manage a highly skilled, technical workforce.

I know everyone knows LEGO. I’m sure each one of us has created cool things with them or at least felt the pain in your foot as you stepped on one your child forgot on the floor. Lego became one of the dominant toy companies in the world through the second half of the twentieth century.

In the late 90’s, LEGO’s market share had begun to decline. Kids were playing more with video games and other toys, and LEGO wasn’t cool anymore. They nearly went bankrupt in 2003. They decided that they had to disrupt themselves before someone else did. Since then, LEGO has reoriented itself, and become wildly successful again.

We have been disrupted these past two years, and we need to change. LEGOs are bricks, basic building blocks with which you create amazing things. As leaders, we have the ability, innovation, and creativity to build, develop and inspire amazing people and results. We must create a vision, focus on the basic building blocks of our business, involve our people, and you will build an amazingly healthy and efficient business.

So back to our original questions. Once answered A Success Leader, will be expected to:

  • Lead
  • Execute
  • Innovate, and
  • Live their values

Regardless of who you are, your job responsibilities and level in the organization, we are all responsible for incorporating these four characteristics into our roles and responsibilities.

  • Ownership – acting like an owner and taking personal accountability.
  • Leadership – you must lead your people; and model a good behavior.
  • Management – you will need to manage your Business Plan, your daily Operations, and your team like never before.
  • Accountability – there should be focus on accountability both personally and with your people.

Although these are changing and tough times it represents an occasion to learn valuable leadership skills.

  • Through this evaluation process you will generate a better plan, which should positively impact your day with fewer emergencies, better success, and more time to manage change.
  • You will begin to develop your supervisors’ leadership skills, so they can “act like owners” and help manage their team. We will be creating news makers, not news reports.
  • Your people will be more positive, and you’ll help them optimize their day through better communication and working efficiently.
  • Your customers will be happier. They will receive more timely and efficient service and as a result which will help us grow our businesses.
  • Your positive contribution will help the enterprise grow but more importantly you have a chance to grow and take on new opportunities.

We all have a major influence on the performance and behavior of our people. You must continue the emphasis on learning, as well as communicating with your vision. The more our people understand what’s expected of them and where we are headed as an organization, the better able they are to align themselves and work efficiently to accomplish our goals. You must drive the vision down to everyone in your care. Your people look to you for guidance and vision, you can’t let them down. Together, with the right plan, vision, and effective communication, you will work as a team for the common good and a positive contribution that we all can be proud of!

Like IBM, Western Union, and Lego, we have one chance to get our new path forward right. We need to demonstrate flexibility, creativity and leadership at the speed required to transform ourselves and our companies.

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Great leaders challenge their people NOT TO STOP AT THE FIRST RIGHT ANSWER.

Tighten The Lug Nuts is that book that will help you move past that first right answer and is full of detailed examples that are organized in an educational and entertaining way to form a framework of real-world concepts. This book serves as a blueprint that can be easily applied by leaders, entrepreneurs, and all of us in our everyday lives.

This is one of the best leadership books you can read to help you accelerate towards your personal and professional goals.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first-time manager, Tighten The Lug Nuts is not only motivational but also a call to action for those who have yet to make a mark in their field.

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” In the service business, people are our most important asset. The time we spend with our people is an investment in the future, not an expense or burden on our time. This time you with your people is an investment. You cannot successfully grow the business without an investment in people. “

Rocky Romanella

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