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Why Hire a Motivational Speaker for Your Company Event?

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Perhaps you’re on the fence about hiring a motivational speaker for your company event. Maybe you’ve seen dismal results in the past. If you’ve been wondering, Why should I hire a motivational speaker, now’s the time to act. Whether your driving change, chasing new company goals or trying to re-motivate your teams who are struggling to maintain previous performance levels, one thing you could consider is bringing in a motivational speaker.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider bringing in a motivational speaker for your next company event, or kick-off for a major program.

Top Motivational Speakers

  • Help employees get out of their daily routines. It’s only natural that people get bogged down in the mundane of their daily jobs. To get tasks and projects completed, they need to focus on these jobs. However, these routines can stifle creativity.
  • Stimulate new ideas. Change and challenges go hand-in-hand. Getting outside of their normal environment and in front of a keynote speaker helps employees see how to overcome these challenges and adapt.
  • Increase drive. A motivated employee is a productive, loyal one. Your inspirational speaker will help to boost their drive through humor, inspirational stories and tales of adversity, which will inspire and refresh your team.
  • Compel them to action. Coming from someone outside your organization, a message about patience, endurance or hard work is better received by employees. Your people need to be compelled to do their jobs and be happy at the same time. They need a purpose and they need to be engaged. Hosting a special event will give your employees the compulsion to act in a way that advances your organization.
  • Promote teamwork. Recognizing individuals is good practice, but it’s also important to nurture teamwork. Your motivational speaker can promote the importance of teamwork, as well as unify the team around a common vision, helping your employees to embrace and work together toward that goal.
  • Drive performance. A good keynote speaker will generate motivation, but it may not carry over into the workplace. A great motivational speaker will drive action that lasts long after the event ends. When the speaker can motivate and compel employees to action, the speaker becomes a catalyst for change, influencing employee behaviors that lead to increased productivity and performance.
  • Investing in your employees shows you are serious about them. Teaching new techniques, sharing the latest thinking and looking to motivate your employees is a great investment in your people, and when you invest you show your teams that you care about them and their career development.  Which are two of the top requirements that teams have of their leaders, which not only benefits them but motivates them too.

So if you want to inject some new ideas, or inspiration into your teams consider using a motivational speaker at your next team event or strategy conference. Not only can they help you get your message across, boost motivation, change their way of thinking and leave them feeling energized and inspired. They can do this with just one good talk, which is a great return on investment of both money, and more importantly time.

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