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Whether we realize it or not, we are all here to determine what our real intent is in life. That’s why teaching others about values is so important to me, especially in our current business climate, where each day we have a new headline of compromised values.

Customers Are a Good Judge of Character
Whether through institutional or personal values, customers are drawn to organizations and people who share similar beliefs. These principles make up the foundation of your mission and reputation. Take it from me, they are not merely words. They will become part of your character over time. Character is one of the most important traits of a leader and a company, and one that customers gravitate to or stay away from when given the choice.

Being a Balanced Leader
I believe companies enhance their growth momentum and reputation when they focus on three key constituents: customers, people, and shareowners. My principles of Balanced Leadership™
Think like a customer by approaching each challenge as a true solutions provider.
Feel like a valued contributor by knowing your work matters and never compromising on
safety or values.
Act like an owner by creating an environment where your team understands the business

This is a simple formula I use to establish both personal and organizational values that will solidify your reputation, character, and your customer experience – to define, articulate, and institutionalize who you are, what you stand for, and what you will never compromise.

Defining Your Individual Purpose
Your true character is defined by your honesty of purpose. Your purpose is sacred and authentic. Honesty is what is at the core of your moral character. It is being trustworthy, loyal, fair, sincere, and true, even when it is difficult to be. It is not only how you create your values but also how you add value to the lives of others. Academic excellence, character development, personal motivation, physical development, and leadership all require you to perform at your best—with honesty of purpose. You cannot develop your character, motivate yourself, or lead others unless you have truly defined your purpose—your intent.

Your Values Are Your Compass
Purpose-driven people put their morals, character, and honesty first. Without purpose, we drift. With purpose, we steer. In my book, Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership, I discuss how leadership is about building a bridge to the future. Your values are the foundation of that bridge, which connects vision and strategy to your go-to-market product or service. By hiring individuals with strong core values and by training your team on who you are as a company, what you stand for, and what you will never compromise, you equip them to institutionalize your values with every interaction.

Don’t Succumb to Pressure
Even when there is pressure to perform—to hit internal key performance indices, custom service-level agreements, or quarterly financial projections—you have the responsibility to use your best judgment, weigh your options carefully, and make the right decisions—even when no one is watching. When you do that, you honor yourself and your values. Wherever your path takes you, know that your trustworthiness is your highest honor. For if you are a trusted leader, others will believe in your vision, mission, and values, and follow your lead. One of the biggest differentiators between good and great is the superior customer experience that is provided on a consistent basis. During every customer interaction, your reputation is on the line. That’s why values matter, and customers will recognize your values and want to partner with you because of them, and your people will applaud you and reward you with their loyalty and dedication.



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