Are your executive team  and managers on the same vision page?

As a leader, your – and your team and organization’s – success is dependent on the success of the people you’re leading. For some individuals, leadership comes naturally. For others, it has to be learned.

As such, leadership training can be defined as giving leaders the skills needed to get the best out of the people they work with.

What Skills Are Needed For Leadership?

Being able to do a job well doesn’t mean that you can teach others to do it well. This is especially true with a top salesperson gets promoted, yet flames out as a manager because he or she can’t teach what they do naturally.

Specifically, leaders need to be able to clearly and succinctly explain to others not only the process and rationale behind a specific task, but do so to get buy in and commitment. Some of the traits for doing so include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Trustworthiness
  • Knowing how to proper motivate and get buy in and commitment
  • Providing feedback

What Is Strategic Leadership Training?

Strategic Leadership often means moving your and your team’s thinking from a functional to an organizational focus. In other words, someone moving from the head of sales or HR to a strategic level must think not only of their department, but of the overall goals of the organization. This type of thinking could include:


  • Ways to improve your understanding of your industry, the operations of your organization, and the environment in which it does business
  • Ways to reinforce your strategic value as you grow in your role as an HR leader
  • How to handle political pushback on new ideas or policies

About Our Leadership Training Classes

Our team  at 3SixtyManagement Services  will help you and/or your team to build or improve the skills they need! Our skilled business leadership trainers tailor instructional learning with business leadership traits to prepare your team for success. Grounded in our Balanced Leadership Modelsm Below are just a few of the things our leadership training seminars for managers covers:

  • What do employees really want from you as a leader? The answers are guaranteed to surprise you!
  • Leadership best practices required for strategic success at both an individual, functional, and organizational level
  • Strategies and techniques to encourage teammates to collaborate, cooperate, and turn to one another for help and inspiration
  • The warning signs of stress and burnout in yourself and your team
  • How to participate meaningfully and constructively in the strategic planning process
  • Key ethical behavioral and decision-making components of strategic leadership
  • How to be a champion of the organization?s strategic goals within your functional area of expertise and to the larger organization
  • How to handle political pushback

Your business training team at 3SIXTY

Your team training & development program begins with an assessment of your training needs which leverages decades of experience. This assessment guides our work with you in customizing the content and developing the comprehensive curriculum needed for your specific situation. Each member of our team provides the experience, guidance and follow-through required to help you successfully develop your people. Contact us today for more information.

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