As former UPSers, we have great admiration for the dedicated people within the package delivery companies that help us all get the perfect gifts to our loved ones. With this “peak season” as we call the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas in our rear view, there’s one last dash ahead – the returns race. For those struggling with reverse logistics, the experts at UPS help ecommerce retailers navigate this complex and costly process.

Think Like a Customer

Having lived and breathed logistics for over 100 years combined, the 3SIXTY team understands that when it comes to reverse logistics, the customer experience throughout the process is paramount. When the gift wasn’t so perfect and has to go back it must be quick, cost effective (or free) and easy. To make this seamless to the customer, savvy retailers know returns are just as much an extension of the brand experience as the initial sale and must ensure the ease of use and security via the order entry process, the flexibility to use customer convenient transportation modes and access channels, all with minimal time and expense.

As UPS’s research shows, today’s online retailers and omni-channel experts have recognized and responded to the shift of power toward the consumer and have made fundamental changes in the way companies relate to their customers and compete with one another.  For the annual holiday peak, they strive to:

  • Create a seamless customer experience, making it as easy as possible for customers conduct their transactions, leaving minimal items in the cart.
  • And, deliver those goods and process the inevitable returns as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

If your business is new to ecommerce and reverse logistics, you don’t have to navigate it alone. There are experts who live to help you identify what elements of the process are critical to continue to generate a sustainable competitive advantage and superior customer experience.

“Whatever the size of your business, if you’re selling online, from an operations perspective, it’s a best practice to periodically examine how your e-commerce and logistics solutions support the goal to drive repeat business and create switching barriers,” explains Bill Klussman, 3SIXTY Management Services Supply Chain, Logistics & Engineering Senior Partner. “If you have a physical storefront as well, this includes integrating the e-commerce strategy with the brick and mortar strategy to identify ways to optimize your outcomes and drive a better customer buying and returns process.”

Act Like an Owner

From our experience, in retailing and manufacturing profitability is largely determined by two factors:

  1. The margins stores can earn… controlling the costs of producing and selling goods while providing valued services
  2. The frequency with which they can turn their inventory over… optimizing the supply chain from manufacture all the way through to returns

Additionally, preventing damages and providing for easy returns greatly impacts revenue and profitability.

Are you ready to accelerate growth, streamline processes and achieve greater results? Let the logistics experts at 3SIXTY team help you excel. Set up a no-obligation meeting today. Contact us today.

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