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Looking for a top Atlanta motivational keynote speaker? From intimate small groups to sold out conference halls, Rocky Romanella can deliver an inspiring keynote message that will fit your goals and energize your audience. Rocky is one of the best Atlanta keynote motivational speakers in the country with over four decades of experience. He has spoken in venues of all sizes all across the country in all major cities including over the US including cities like Atlanta, NYC, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Houston, LA, Charlotte and many others. Rocky has the unique ability to generate a true atmosphere of excitement through his energy, passion and knowledge. He will connect with your audience, regardless of size, in a one to one conversational style using storytelling as he delivers his presentation.

Atlanta Motivational Keynote Speaker | About Rocky Romanella

Rocky is an experienced CEO who, during his time at UPS, led one of the largest re-branding initiatives in franchising history; The UPS Store, revolutionizing the $9 billion retail shipping and business services market. While leading The UPS Store, the network increased retail units, same-store sales by 5.8%, outpacing the National Retail Federation results of 4.6% during a recession.

He also led the integration of more than 20 acquisitions that became UPS Supply Chain Solutions and lead its improved financial performance, capabilities and global network footprint.

Atlanta Motivational Keynote SpeakerReasons to Book a Atlanta Motivational Keynote Speaker

Many times, professional speakers are their own name, have built their own following, have a well-known expertise or niche, have developed marketing channels that can help with event promotion or boosting your registration numbers, and increase the interest of potential attendees because of their involvement. More people will want to attend your event if they themselves have assurance the event will be exciting, inspirational, and stimulating

Avoid the Mistakes of Novices & Errors of the Unexperienced

Avoid the blunders of novices, errors of the under-experienced., ‘platform-selling’ of the under-paid, stayed narratives of ‘same-old’ company insiders, after all, the stakes are high: people’s time and attention are at a premium these days, when either is wasted your event fails. A professional motivational keynote speaker is usually defined as ‘experts who speak’. Hiring an expert in their field who is practiced and experienced at keynoting audiences decreases these risks while adding a higher level of credibility and integrity to your organization and to the overall event.

Custom Messages Aimed at Your Audience

Because they make their living this way, and because their reputations, careers, and social capital are on the line, professional motivational keynote speakers are as eager to please you and your audience as you are. Most will bend over backwards to ensure their message and delivery resonates with your specific event, audience, theme, purpose, and/or goals for the event. You can be sure that with a professional motivational keynote speaker you will get practiced narratives that are informed, researched, rehearsed, and curated to meet the purpose and goal of your event.

Atlanta Motivational Keynote Speaker | Engage Your Employees

Investing in the experiential services of a motivational keynote speaker can change the way audience members perceive their world for a day, a week, sometimes forever – and therefore certainly your event, lasting into their return to work. While there are no guarantees in life, research shows that curating a well-designed, professional program for your next event is a leg-up toward increasing employee performance, engagement, productivity and retention – invest in your people, honor their time, reward their attention, and you quickly develop more loyal, more valuable, more engaged human resources.

Your Team Will Bond

A customized message from an expert in their field that is well-delivered will inspire and energize your team as well as give them a common experience to bond over. A keynote that ‘hits the right note’ provides an experience, creates an energy, drives excitement, and establishes an atmosphere in the room for greater in-group identification, ice-breaking, and bonding for those in attendance just by virtue of their having been there and witnessed the session together.

Atlanta Motivational Keynote Speaker | Book Rocky Now!

Rocky will paint a picture through his unique storytelling as he delivers his Keynote Speech. We will work with your team to create a world class event and inspire your audience. Rocky’s Keynotes will help your audiences to stabilize, lead, and grow their businesses through his unique Balanced Leadership approach. His breakout sessions will provide an Education Platform tailored to your audience needs. Call us today to discuss your event, Keynote  and Breakout Sessions. Speak with Ed Pyke at 678-438-1837, speak Directly with Rocky at 610-322-0720, or visit the website.


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