3SIXTY Senior Partner, Author and Motivational Speaker,  Rocky Romanella leads a Continuing Education and Professional Studies seminar at Seton Hall University. Why Values Matter , this is one of  several that 3SIXTY has developed in partnership with the University.

“Seton Hall provides an outstanding Continuing Education program with thought-provoking learning to those seeking to enhance or build their professional business acumen,” says Rocky, “I am delighted to dive into the subject of values – one that’s often only explored at a surface-level – but deeply relevant when looking at today’s business headlines around the world.”

Rocky knows a few things about leadership. He began working for UPS in 1976, loading and unloading trailers. Over the course of a 36-year career, Rocky climbed the ranks to become president and general manager of UPS Supply Chain Solutions. Rocky shares his vision of what it means to be a values-based leader in this short video.

“Values are the foundation from which everything we have to offer is based. Individually, they are your moral compass and you have to be consistent in the way you hold yourselves, your peers and your employees accountable. Organizational leaders must ensure values are well-defined, woven into processes, services, daily work actions and individuals’ commitment to excellence. Your values, and your adherence to them, set the direction and establish the necessary culture for your organization to succeed,” explains Rocky.

Please explore all that Seton Hall has to offer and register today for Rocky’s Why Values Matter seminar today.

Seton Hall University is a recognized SHRM Provider.  Students who successfully complete SHRM-recognized classes offered by the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies are eligible to receive professional development credits from the Society of Human Resource Management.


Motivational Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

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